Korean American Foundation, Hawaii

January 13, 2006
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In celebration of its second anniversary, the Korean American Foundation, Hawaii
held a fund-raising golf tournament and a dinner banquet on January 13, 2006 at the
Honolulu Country Club.  The Foundation supports Koreans in Hawaii by sponsoring
important community projects such as the Centennial Monument at Pawaa Park, the
Korean House at Waipahu Cultural Garden Park and Puuiki Cemetery in Waialua.  
At this year's banquet, Foundation President Peter Kim announced that the
Foundation has recently secured funding to expand the Korean Care Home facility in
Liliha -- another major accomplishment.
Lee Jeong Gil with Hawaii fans
Korean actor Lee Jeong Gil (who played the President of South Korea in
Lovers in Prague and whose name is also written Lee Jung Gil) participated
in the golf tournament and attended the dinner banquet.  He was very
gracious in accommodating requests for autographs and photos.