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Map of South Korea

Korean Holidays
Time of Day:   Unlike the U.S., Korea has only 1 time zone.  Korea is 19 hours ahead of
10,000 Won
What You Need to Know Before You Go To Korea
The following info is provided to help prepare you so that you won't be totally bewildered when you arrive in Korea.
Convert U.S. Dollars to South Korean Won

Convert South Korean Won to U.S. Dollars
Korean Money
(Korean currency is called Won)
Frontside of a 10,000 Won bill
(not actual size of bill)
Backside of a 10,000 Won bill
U.S. Department of State Consular Information
Sheet for Americans planning to travel to Korea

Korean Government website for foreigners

Emergency Phone Numbers in Korea:
Police:  112
Fire or Ambulance:  119
English assistance or travel info:  1330

Info about the taxi system in Seoul (4/4/09 JoongAng
Daily article)
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