2000 Anti-Drug Campaign Concert
Ebell Wilshire Theater (Los Angeles, California, USA)
November 17, 2000

Fellow addict Beebee (from Hawaii) attended this concert in Los Angeles.  Here is her first-hand account of her
wild adventure:

My girlfriend and I are crazies--two ajimas who need to make up for our lost youth!  We are not the typical older ladies
that some people expect, so if I sound "nuts" just bear with me.  We like Ahn Jae Wook, Jang Dong Gun, Cha In Pyo and
. . . the list goes on and on.

We went to the concert because:  (1) all three hunks are adorable, (2) we love "things" Korean," and (3) when will we ever
be able to fly to Korea to see their concert???

We like Kim Min Jong ("KMJ") because he is in all the dramas we like and have watched him on Music Bank . . . dreamy
voice.  We like Ryu Shi Won ("RSW") because he is the first one we saw on dramas and is a clean-cut cutie.  We like Shin
Seung Hun ("SSH") because he is a great singer, one of the best ballad singers in Korea.

We flew out of Honolulu on Friday morning, arrived in LA, then zoomed to the Ebell Wilshire Theater.  Once inside we
made friends with the organizers and management.  As a result, we actually participated in taking people to their seats,
passed out programs and did some general assistance for the manager of the theater.

"Hawaii" was my magic word.  They were amazed that two ajimas actually flew in to see this concert.  We stuck out like
a sore thumb.  All concertgoers were ethnic Koreans.  The theater workers were black.  And then there was us
"Hawaiians" who kind of looked Asian but spoke English.

Our ticket seats were in row J, but we sat in the front row--compliments of my new friend "Adele," the seasoned
white-haired manager of Ebell Wilshire Theater.  She also took our programs backstage to get personalized autographs.
WOW!!  We felt so fortunate.

A side note:  by profession, I am a teacher.  When Adele asked us to help, my automatic pilot mode kicked in.  I just
jumped right in and did my "teacher" thing . . . being bossy.  HA!

It was show time!  KMJ opened the show.  Great singing . . . LIVE . . . with taped music.

RSW was next.  When he appeared, all the young girls went wild, as well as two Hawaii ajimas.   He did a pretty decent
job--more poised and relaxed than in the FINKL Dream concert he did  earlier in the year.  He worked the audience, held
the microphone comfortably and sang like a pro . . . much  better than the first time I had seen him.  He sang one song
with KMJ.  I know the songs when I hear them, but don't know their names.

SSH was a show stopper.  I jumped up and danced.  We did "Oh my ya" and "Jump," and it was great!  Sang the "Secret"
songs . . . just wonderful . . . words cannot express the actual experience . . . words are at a loss for me.

Side line:  I was so lucky.  I was promised a backstage and photo opportunity . . . and two free tickets to stay for the
second show.  We watched them TWICE!!

For the second show we were in the third row, still only a few feet away.  At the end of the second show, we waited to
go backstage.  When we were able to go backstage, it was unbelievable.

Imagine, they were right in front of us.  The drama actors we loyally watch every week . . . alive and in person.  Because
we watch them on TV, we feel like they are so much a part of our lives.  They visit us every week in our homes.  They
become so real to us.  And now, here they are . . . IN PERSON!!!  The rational brain knows that they are actors in
dramas.  They are just as human as you and I . . . but?

RSW was busy getting his things together, wanting to make a quick get-away.  SSH was in a corner tying his shoes,
looking beat.  And KMJ was the freshest.  He was talking to a young lady who brought him pink roses.  Apparently they
were aware of our special situation . . . the two seasoned fans were the ajimas from Hawaii.  They accorded us the utmost
courtesy and respect.

We lined up for a picture.  SSH on my right, KMJ on my left, my girlfriend, then RSW.  It was a once in a lifetime thrill, I
have to admit.  It is not normal, but we feel we need to do things that make us happy.  The concert was one heck of a
HAPPY event in our lives.
Photos and report were provided by
fellow addict Beebee (second from left)
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