KBS Registration Information
for Non-Koreans
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updated:  4/17/02
Basic information: KBS currently does not charge to watch KBS Videos on
Demand (VODs), but you must first register to get a user name and password.  
Registration is free.  There are two registration forms:  one for Korean people and
another for overseas people.  If you are not Korean, do not use the registration form
for Korean people.  KBS checks the registration information submitted for Korean
people (such as their Korean social security number, phone number and address).  
Overseas people will have to wait for KBS to e-mail them a confirmation before
their user name and password will work.  
It is unclear how long that will take.

Step 1
:  Go to sso.kbs.co.kr/Join/Join.asp?site=www.kbs.co.kr.  If you see weird
symbols instead of Korean, right click your mouse, then go to Encoding and click on
Korean.  Copy the URL for this website.

Step 2:  Go to Alta Vista's Babel Fish translator at babelfish.altavista.com.  Paste
the KBS URL, select Korean to English, then click Translate.

Step 3:  Selecting the proper registration form:  Click on Registration for overseas
people at the bottom of the page.  A pop-up window will appear.  Click on OK.

Step 4:  Agreeing to KBS terms:  three options will show up at the bottom of the
page.  Click on the option on the far left  to AGREE.  Another pop-up window will
appear.  Click on OK.

Step 5:  Filling out the registration form for overseas people:
(a)  Full name.
(b)  User name (click on right arrow to check that your user name is not already
(c)  Password
(d)  Password confirmation
(e)  Question (select question to be used if you forget your password)
(f)  Answer to question
(g)  Important number (3 options in order listed:  passport number, State ID
number, or
social security number.  Select one option then insert the respective number in the
(h)  Gender:  Male (left) or Female (right)
(i)   Date of birth  (insert in blocks from left to right:  year, month and date.  Options
right of date are for solar or lunar calendar.  Select left circle for solar calendar if you
are from the U.S.)
(j)  Status (translation unknown; select whatever)
(k)  cik ep (translation unknown; select whatever)
(l)   E-mail address
(m)  Country
(n)  Home address
(o)  Phone number (e.g.:  001-808-983-3211.  001 is the country code for the U.S.)
(p)  Cell phone number
(q)  Would you like to receive e-mail from KBS?  Yes (left)/ No (right)
(r)  Reason for joining  (There are 8 options.  Option 5 is for watching anything on
(s)  Optional Input Condition (optional)

When you are ready to submit your info, click on the left arrow (Next) on the
bottom of the screen.  The right arrow is to cancel.

Step 6:  If everything has been properly filled out, you've successfully registered.  
There will be another window to fill out that asks for your preferences--which may
be optional.  At the bottom of the screen, there are two choices.  Click on the left
one to submit info.  A pop-up window then shows up saying that you have to wait
for KBS's confirmation e-mail before you can use your new user name and

Good luck!

(Many thanks to fellow addict Elsya and her Korean friend for providing the
above registration info.)