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Roadmap to Korean by Richard Harris.  Korean is a very
difficult language to learn.  This book tries to ease the pain and
agony of learning the Korean language.  It is written by a native
English speaker who successfully learned Korean.  For a
11/28/03 Korea Herald Weekender review of this book,
here.  To order or get more info about this book from, click on the photo of this book on the left.

Growing Up in a Korean Kitchen by Hi-Soo Shin
.  This is a Korean cookbook that also teaches you
Korean history and culture.  Read about recipes that have been
passed down for generations from mothers to their
daughter-in-laws.  For a 11/9/02 Korea Herald Weekender
article about this book,
click here.  To order or get more info
about this book from, click on the photo on the left.

Panasonic DMR-E85HS Progressive Scan DVD
Player/Recorder with 120 GB Hard Drive Recording
VHS tapes are becoming obsolete.  With a DVD recorder, you
can record the dramas that you watch on TV directly onto DVDs
instead of VHS tapes.  This will save you the time, effort and
expense of later having to convert your VHS tapes to DVD.  To
order or get more info about this DVD player/recorder from, click on the photo on the left.
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