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Maybe (2009):     Stars:  Sung Yuri & Jang Hyuk.  Articles:  KBS Global 10/13/09, Korea
Times 10/5/09.
The Sky and the Sea (2009):  Stars:  Jang Nara.  Articles:  Korea Times 9/29/09.
Good Morning President (2009):   DVD (region-3).  Stars:  Jang Dong Guin, Lee Soon Jae &
Go Doo Shim.  Articles:  
JoongAng Daily 9/25/09; Korea Times 9/22/09.
Closer to Heaven (2009):   OST,   DVD (region-3).   Stars:  Kim Myung Min (Beethoven
Virus) & Ha Ji Won (Damo).  Articles:  
JoongAng Daily 12/4/09; Korea Times 12/3/09; Chosun
Ilbo 9/26/09.
A Good Rain Knows (2009): Stars:  Jung Woo Sung (A Moment to Remember).  Director:  
Heo Jin Ho (Happiness).  Articles:  
Korea Herald 9/11/09, Korea Times 9/9/09.
Aeja (2009):     DVD (region-3).  Stars:  Kim Young Ae (Love Letter) & Choi Kang Hee (My
Sweet Seoul).  Articles:   
Yonhap News 8/27/09; Korea Times 8/27/09.
Astro Boy (2009):   Stars:  Yoo Seung Ho (Yi San), Jo Min Ki (Yellow Handkerchief) & Nam
Ji Hyun.  Articles:  
Korea Herald 8/20/09.
Faith (2009): Stars:  Nam Sang Mi (Time Between Dog & Wolf), Shim Eun Kyung & Ryu
Seung Ryong (Painter of Wind).  Articles:  
JoongAng Daily 7/16/09.
Mother (2009): DVD (region-3)     Stars:  Kim Hye Ja (Mom's Dead Upset) & Won Bin
(Autumn Story).  Articles:  
KBS Global 12/3/09; Chosun Ilbo 6/9/09; Korea Times 5/21/09;
Yonhap News 5/21/09; Korea Times 5/18/09.
Insadong Scandal (2009):   DVD (region-3).   Stars Eom Jung Hwa (Karl vs. Su-jung) & Kim
Rae Won (Best Chef).  Articles:  
Chosun Ilbo summary;  Chosun Ilbo 4/25/09.
Secret Couple (aka My Girlfriend Is A Spy (2009):    DVD (region-3),  OST.  Stars:  Kim
Ha Neul (90 Days of Love) and Kang Ji Hwan (90 Days of Love).  Articles:  
Korea Times
Thirst (2009):    DVD (region-3).  Stars:  Song Kang Ho (The Good, The Bad, The Weird)
and KIm Ok Bin (Hello God).  Directed by Park Chan Wook.  Articles:  
JoongAng Daily
5/26/09; Chosun Ilbo 4/4/09.
Old Partner (2009):    OST.  Articles:  Dong-A Ilbo 2/19/09.
Oishi Man (2009):   OST.  Stars:  Lee Min Gi (Really, Really Like You) & Jung Yu Mi.  
Korea Times 2/19/09; Yonhap News 2/11/09.
Handphone (2009):   DVD (region-3).   Stars:  Eom Tae Woong (Resurrection) and Park
Yong Woo (Conditions of Love).  Articles:  
Yonhap News 2/12/09; JoongAng Daily 2/4/09.
Marine Boy (2009):    DVD (region-3).  Stars:  Kim Kang Woo (Running After Dream); Jo Jae
Hyun (New Heart) and Park Shi Yeon (My Girl).  Articles:  
JoongAng Daily 1/28/09; Korea
Times 1/22/09.
The Naked Kitchen (2009):    DVD.    Stars:  Shin Min-Ah (Beautiful Days), Kim Tae Woo &
Joo Ji Hoon (Palace).  Articles:  
Korea Times 2/5/09; Yonhap News 1/19/09.
A Frozen Flower (2008):   DVD (region-3).    Stars:  Joo Jin Mo (Bicheonmu), Jo In Sung
(Spring Days) & Song Ji Hyo (Jumong).  Articles:  
Chosun Ilbo 1/26/09; KBS Global 1/16/09;
Yonhap News 1/5/09;  JoongAng Daily 12/17/08; Chosun Ilbo 12/6/08.
Painter of the Wind (aka Portraint of a Beauty) (2008):    OST , DVD (region-3).   Stars:  
Kim Min Sun (Glass Slipper), Kim Nam Il & Kim Young Ho (Salt Doll).  Articles:  
Korea Times
11/20/08; Chosun Ilbo 11/1/08.
Once Upon a Time in Seoul  (aka Boys Don't Cry) (2008): DVD (region-3). Stars:  Lee
Wan (Heaven's Tree) and Song Chang Ui (Scale of God).  Articles:  
JoongAng Daily 10/22/08.
My Wife Got Married (2008):   Stars:  Son Ye Jin (Alone in Love) & Kim Joo Hyuk (Lovers
in Prague).  Articles:  
Chosun Ilbo 10/18/08.
Crush and Blush (2008):    DVD (region-3).  Stars:  Gong Hyo Jin (Let's Go to School,
Sang-doo).  Articles:  
Korea Times 10/2/08.
My Dear Enemy (2008):   DVD (region-3),  OST.  Stars:  Ha Jung Woo (HIT) & Jeon Do
Yeon (Shoot for the Stars).   Articles:  
JoongAng Daily 10/1/08; Korea Times 9/18/08.

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