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The Front Line (2011):    DVD (region-3 with English subtitles).    Stars:  Go Soo & Shin Ha
Kyun.  Articles:  
Chosun Ilbo 11/10/11.
Grand Prix (2010):    Stars:  Kim Tae Hee (IRIS) & Yang Dong Geun (I Am Sam).  Articles:  
KBS Global 8/23/10; Korea Times 8/19/10.
The Man from Nowhere (2010):    Stars:  Won Bin.  Articles:  KBS Global 7/12/10;  Korea
Herald 7/8/10;  Korea Times 7/8/10.
Man of Vendetta (2010):    Stars:  Kim Myung Min & Park Ju Mi.  Articles:  JoongAng Daily
Bestseller (2010):    Stars:  Eom Jung Hwa.  Articles:  JoongAng Daily 3/19/10.
Wedding Dress (2010):  Stars:  Song Yun Ah & Kim Hyang Gi.  Articles:  JoongAng Daily
Pistol Bandit Band (2010):  Stars:  Na Moon Hee, Kim Su Mi & Kim Hye Ok.  Articles:  
Korea Times 3/11/10.
Harmony (2010):    Stars:  Yunjin Kim.  Articles:  JoongAng Daily 1/29/10.
Secret Reunion (2010):  Stars: Song Kang Ho & Kang Dong Won.  Articles:  Korea Herald
1/22/10; Korea Times 1/21/10; JoongAng Daily 1/21/10.
A Good Rain Knows (2010):    DVD (region-3).  Stars:  Jung Woo Sung.  Articles:  
JoongAngDaily 2/12/10.
Secret Love (2010):    Stars:  Yoo Ji Tae & Yoon Jin Seo.  Articles:  JoongAng Daily 2/26/10;
Korea Herald 2/25/10.
No Mercy (2009):   Stars:  Sul Kyung Gu and Ryu Seung Bum.  Articles:  Korea Herald
Girlfriends (2009):   Stars:  Kang Hye Jung, Bae Soo Bin & Han Chae Young.  Articles:  
JoongAng Daily 12/18/09.
The Taoist Wizard (2009):    Stars:  Kang Dong Won.  Articles:  JoongAng Daily 12/24/09;
JoongAng Daily 12/18/09; KBS Global 12/17/09.
Sky and Ocean (2009):    Stars:  Jang Nara.  Articles:  JoongAng Daily 10/29/09; Yonhap
News 10/20/09.
Secret (2009):   Stars:  Cha Seung Won, Song Yoon and Ah, Ryu Seung Ryong.  Articles:  
JoongAng Daily 11/27/09; Korea Times 11/26/09.
I Am Happy (2009):   Stars:  Hyun Bin.  Articles:  KBS Global 11/17/09.
The Actresses (2009):    OST.  Stars:  Yoon Yuh Jung, Lee Mi Sook, Go Hyun Jung, Choi Ji
Woo, Kim Min Hee & Kim Ok Bin.  Articles:
JoongAng Daily 12/10/09; KBS Global 12/9/09;
Korea Herald 12/3/09; Korea Times 12/3/09; Yonhap News 11/26/09; KBS Global 11/18/09,
Korea Times 11/17/09.
Into the White Night (2009):   DVD (region-3)   Stars:  Son Ye Jin (Summer Scent) & Go
Soo (Piano).  Articles:  
KBS Global 11/16/09.
Paju (2009):    DVD (region-3).  Stars:  Lee Sun Kyoon (Coffee Prince).  Director:  Park Chan
Ok.  Articles:  
KBS Global 10/27/09, JoongAng Daily 10/16/09.
The Sword with No Name (2009):     DVD (region-3).  Stars:  Soo Ae (Love Letter).  
Chosun Ilbo 10/17/09.

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