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Kamgeun's Mom:    DVD
Kill Me, Heal Me:     OST CD (NEW)
Kim Soo Ro:     OST CD
King & I:    OST CD DVD Vol 1   DVD Vol. 2 DVD Vol. 3   Complete DVD set
King Geunchogo:     OST CD
King 2 Hearts:     OST CD      DVD (region-3)    DVD (Malaysia Version)
Kingdom of the Winds:    OST CD
Korea Secret Agency:   OST CD    DVD   DVD (Malaysia Version)
The Land (aka Toji):   OST CD
Last Scandal:   OST CD   DVD
Late Blossom:     OST CD
Late Night Hospital:     DVD (region-3)  
Law Firm:   DVD (region-3)   OST CD (Overseas Version)
Lawyers:  OST CD   DVD
Lawyers of the Great Republic Korea: see Love & Law
Lee Soon-shin is the Best:     see You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin
Legend (aka Four Gods):    OST CD
Let's Go to School, Sang-doo!:    OST CD  
Let's Go to the Beach:   OST CD
Let's Marry:   OST CD
Lie: DVD
Lie To Me:     OST CD      DVD
Lights & Shadows:     OST     DVD Vol. 1 (region-3)     DVD Vol. 2 (region-3)
Likeable or Not:    OST CD
Lobbyist:    OST CD
Loneliness: OST CD
Long Way:    DVD
Lotus Flower Fairy: OST CD
Love and Ambition:    OST CD
Love and Law:    OST CD
Love and Obsession:    OST CD
Love and War: OST CD
Love in Heaven:   OST CD
A Love to Kill:   OST CD Vol. 1 OST CD Vol. 2   Collectibles
Love Letter: DVD   OST CD
Love Marriage: see Match Maker's Lover
Love Rain:     OST CD     OST CD Part 2      DVD   
Love Sympathy: OST CD
Love Story in Harvard:   DVD (region-3) OST CD
Loveholic:   OST CD
Lover:   OST CD
Lovers in Paris (Des Amoureux de Paris):    OST CD
Lovers in Prague:   OST CD DVD Collectibles
Loving You:     OST CD
Loving You A Thousand Times:    OST CD
Lure of Wife:     OST CD   Special OST CD

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