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Below are online vendors that sell Korean products and other things that you may be interested in.  
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Remember when buying DVDs, make sure you have the correct DVD region code and that the drama
is subtitled in English (or whatever other language you can read).  The quality of English subtitles also
varies, depending on which company produced the DVD.  YA Entertainment tends to have the best
quality English subtitles for the American audience.  (If the name of company that produced the DVD
is not disclosed online, don't be afraid to question the online vendor about the quality of the English

When buying VCDs, you need to check if English subtitles are available and what languages are used.  
The "language" info provided by vendors for the VCD indicates the languages spoken on the VCD.  
For example, if both Korean and Chinese are shown as the language, it is my experience that in
addition to the original Korean language spoken by the actors, a Chinese translation will be dubbed
in.  To avoid hearing 2 voices simultaneously when the actor speaks --  the actor's voice plus the
dubbed translation -- try selecting which language you want to hear by clicking the Audio button on
your remote control.  (The quality of English subtitles on VCDs usually is not as good as those
available on DVDs produced in the U.S.)

Thanks in advance for supporting the KoreanWiz website!  Your support is always greatly
If a vendor is no longer listed in the Shopper's Marketplace, KoreanWiz no longer
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(links below will take you to KoreanWiz's page on that vendor)  Sells DVDs with English subtitles, OSTs, posters and
accessories for Korean TV dramas and movies.  A must-visit for all
fellow addicts who want to build a Korean drama collection.  Sells books about Korean culture, history and
language, audio/video equipment (including DVD players/recorders,
home theaters, TVs), music, clothes, software, toys, power tools
and many more other items.  A must-visit for fellow addicts who
want to enhance their viewing pleasure of the dramas by learning
more about Korean people or by upgrading their electronic
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