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What is Saimin? -
"The Shiromas scoop up hot bowls of noodles for one nostalgic weekend" - 9/10/97 - Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Saimin Definition, Historical Theory, Popularization-
Web sites About Saimin
Newspaper Articles about Saimin
What is Spam? (Includes link to online Spam Store) -
Matthew Grey On Saimin (and other local foods of Hawaii) -
"Hamura's Wins National Award" - 4/30/06 - Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Recent Article About Saimin on (7/07) -
"Hawaii's Many Cuisines Coexist in One Bowl" - 7/18/07 - San Francisco Gate
Food Blogs About Saimin and Other Local Foods
"Saimin Carb Count Drops, Thanks to Shirataki" - 9/17/07 - Honolulu Advertiser
'Ono Kine Grindz - Probably "da best" food blog about saimin and local cuisine.  (Includes national and international restaurant reviews, as well.)
Hawaii Diner - A combination of recipes, restaurant reviews, menus(!) and other food-relation news from around Hawaii. 
(the) food blog - A ton of food blogs, compiled, from all over the world.
Books About Saimin, Hawaii's Plantations and/or Local Food