Who Is Saimin Boy?
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Vital Statistics

Name:  Saimin Boy

DOB:  Remember Hurricane Iwa?  That day, give or take a few hours.

Location:  Honolulu, HI: Townside

Saimin Superpowers:  Vision comparable to the Hubble telescope, a sensitivity of smell
akin to a truffle-hunting pig and a tongue like ... a human?

Saimin Weaknesses:  Coming up with a simile to describe my tongue.

Aside From Saimin, I Like Eating:  Bittermelon with black bean chicken, poke,
Southern soul food, cookies, a nice steak, crunchy Red Delicious apples, frozen potato

Foods That I Dislike:  Anything that goes down and then immediately comes up, or out.

Non-food Interests:  Fashion, photography, swimming, lifting weights and reading.

Musically I'm Inclined Toward:  Indie, classic rock, female jazz singers, the blues.

Top 5 Places I'd Like to Visit:  China, Israel, Africa, Europe, Antarctica.
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