Jung Woo Sung
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Daisy (2006):    VCD
Sad Movie (2005):   Limited Edition DTS DVD (region-3),  OST,  Poster
A Moment to Remember (2004):   DVD (region-3),  Director's Cut Limited
Edition DVD (region-3),   OST,   Poster
Mutt Boy (2003):   DVD,   Digipak Limited Edition DVD (region-3),   
Musa:  The Warrior (2001):     DVD (Japan Version) (region-2),  VCD
(Hong Kong Version),  VCD (no subtitles),   OST,   Poster
No Sun:  DVD (no subtitles)
Love (1999)
Phantom of the Submarine (1999):
City of the Rising Son (1999)
Motel Cactus (1997)
Beat (1977):
DVD,   VCD (no subtitles)
Born to Kill (1966): DVD
The Fox with 9 Tails (1994): DVD

Other Videos:
Bitwin Best Collection 2 DVD
Shanghai Grand DVD
Jung Woo Sung
Jung Woo Sung is a Korean movie actor.  His surname is Jung (sometimes
spelled Chung).  His given name is Woo Sung (also spelled U Seong).  To get
more information on him, go to
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