6/22/15:  Read about   . . .   Go Soo,  Han Hye Jin,  Jung In Ah,  Yunjin Kim,  Lee Kwang Soo, MERS,  Park Si Yeon,  Park
Bo Young
,  The Producers (KBS drama) (warning:  spoiler alert),  Ryu Seung Bum,  Yoo Hae Jin,   

6/15/15:  Did you hear about   . . .    Goo Hye Sun,  Im Soo Jung,  Jang Dong Gun,  Jung Yoon Ho,  Kim Bo Sung,  Kim Tae
Hee,  Lee Bo Young,  Lee Joon Ki,  Lee Min Ho,  Lee So Yeon,  MERS,  Oh Yoon Ah,  Song Yun Ah,   

6/8/15:  Learn about   . . .    
Lee Bo Young,  Lee Na Young,  Park Yu Chun,  Soju,  Song Seung Hun,  Won Bin,  Yewon,  
Your Face.

6/1/15:  What ever happened to  . . .      
Choi Ji Woo,  Im Soo Jung,  Jun Do Yun,  Jung Woo Sung,  Lee Sung Min,  Park
Shin Hye,  Ryu Seung Bum,  Song Joong Ki,  Won Bin.

5/24/15:  Hello everyone, I'm back!  I finally was able to fix some major software problems.  Here is the lastest news about:   
Yong Joon,  Cha Tae Hyun,  Go Ah Sung,  Ji Chang Wook,  Joo Ji Hoon,  Jung Bo Suk,  Jung Il Woo,  Kang So Ra,  Kim
Hye Soo,  Kim Hyun Joong,  Kim Soo Hyun,  Lee Byung Hun,  Lee Min Ho,  Lee Seung Gi,  Nam Sang Mi,  Park Bo
Young,  Park Yoo Chun,  Song Il Kook,  Song Joong Ki,  Soo Ae,  

4/6/15:  Read about   .  .   .   
Bae Doo Na,  Cha Seung Won,  Choi Si Won,   Go Ah Ra,  Lee Byung Hun,  Lee Min Ho,  Lee
Young Ae,  Park Ha Sun,  Song Hye Gyo,  

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