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updated:  12/10/10

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BYJ's Ohana (a club in Hawaii for Bae Yong Joon fans) - website:;
Fly To The Sky With Us Fan Club (a fan club for the Korean singing duo, Fly to the Sky) -
Gentle Song Il Kook Hawaii Fan Club (a fan club in Hawaii devoted to Song Il Kook) -
website:, email:
Go Joo Won Fan Club (a fan club based in Illinois for actor Go Joo Won) - website:
Hallyu Friends (a club for people who love all things Korean) - contact:
Hanguk Drama Hawaii (formerly known as Hawaii K-Drama Fan Club) (a general
interest Korean drama fan club in Hawaii) - contact:
Hawaii Kim Bum Soo Fan Club (a club in Hawaii for fans of singer Kim Bum Soo) -
Jeoung Joonho Hawaii Fan Club (a fan club in Hawaii devoted to Jeoung Joonho, aka
Jung Jun Ho) - contact:
Kim Hyun Joong Illinois/Hawaii Fan Club (a fan club for Kim Hyun Joong with members
from Illinois and Hawaii) - Illinois contact:, Hawaii
contact:, website:
Kim Rae Won Fan Club (a club for fans who love everything about Kim Rae Won) -
Korean Drama Group (this is a Philadephia-based website for k-drama fans.  Get-togethers
are arranged periodically for fans.) -
LeeByungHun.US Fan Club (an American fan club for Lee Byung Hun) - contact:
Lee Young Ae Malaysia Fans Club (an online fan club for Lee Young Ae with a website in
English and Chinese) - website:;  e-mail:
Oh Ji Ho International Fan Club (a fan club for Oh Ji Ho that is open to people from all
countries) - blog:; contact:
Position Hawaii Fan Club (a fan club in Hawaii devoted to singer Position) - contact:
R.A.I.N. Inc. Hawaiian Cloud (a fan club in Hawaii for Rain) - contact: RainsHawaiian
Ryu Siwon Hawaii Prince Fan Club (a fan club in Hawaii devoted to Ryu Siwon) -
contact:  Note:  enrollment is now closed, but will re-open in
October 2006.
Ryu Siwon U.S. PRINCE (an official fan club for Ryu Siwon fans in the U.S.) - website:; contact:
This listing of fan clubs related to the Korean Wave is provided as a
public service by KoreanWiz.  If you would like to have your fan club listed,
please send an
email to KoreanWiz with info about your fan club.

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