KBS Monday/Tuesday drama (2003) - 52 episodes total
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Aired on KBS2 in Korea:  January 6, 2003 - July 1, 2003  
Monday/Tuesday nights at 9:55 (replaced Loneliness)
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  May 23, 2003 - November
15, 2003 Friday & Saturday nights at 7:50 p.m.; re-aired
Saturday and Sunday at noon (replaced Love Letter).

Han Sang-jin/Min Young-tae:  Yoo Dong Geun (Destiny)
Kim Na-young (Sang-jin's wife):  Kim Hee Ae
Yoon Hyun-ja (Young-tae's wife):  Um Jung Hwa
Han Min-ju (Sang-jin & Na-young's daughter):  Moon Geun
Young (Autumn Story)
Min Ung-pyo (Young-tae and Hyun-ja's son):  Lee Byung
Joon (Yellow Handkerchief)
Han Sang-hee (Sang-jin's younger sister):  Song Chae Hwan
(First Love/When She Beckons)
Han Sang-ho (Sang-jin's younger brother):  Kim Seung Soo
(Fox & Cotton Candy/Cool)
Ms. Song (Sang-jin's mom):  Kim Yong Rim (Power of Love)
Mr. Suh Suk-ah (Hyun-ja's stepdad):  Shin Goo
Nam Hyun-pil:  Jung Bo Suk (Daddy Fish)
Jung Sung-sook (Na-young's business partner/ friend):  Huh
Yoon Jung
Kim Yoon-ju:  Lee Yoo Ri (Yellow Handkerchief/Loving
Mrs. Keum Chon-daek (Hyun-ja's neighbor):  Yoon Mi Ra
(More Than Words Can Say/First Love)
Young-ran (Chon-daek's daughter):  Yoon Ji Sook
Park Dal-su (Young-ran's husband):  Jung Eun Pyo (Loving
You/Tender Hearts)
Kil-joong (Dal-su's co-worker): __
Chan-suk:  ___
Mr. Yang Dong-pal (Mr. Suh's friend) :  Kim Sang Soon
Eun-jung (Na-young's secretary): __
Dr. Kim __ (Na-young's brother):  __
__ (Sang-ho's fiancee):  Kim Sung Eun (Scent of a Man)
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wife.kbs.co.kr/about/cast.html. For an English translation of
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Sang-jin is married to Na-young and they have a 7 year old
daughter, Min-ju.  They live with his mom, younger
brother, younger sister, and sister's daughter.  One day,
Sang-jin vanishes while on a business trip.  He remains
missing for over 7 years until one day he is spotted by his
college friend, Hyun-pil, at a ski resort.  Min-ju, now 15,
sees him as well but she just thinks he looks like her dad.  
Hyun-pil begins digging and finds out that the man is called
Min Young-tae.  Young-tae is married to Hyun-ja and they
have a 3 year old son, Ung-pyo.  Hyun-ja doesn't care about
that-- all she knows is that he's her husband and the  father
of her child.  Hyun-pil makes the hard decision to tell the
truth to Na-young, to whom he's just proposed.  The
question is now which man will he live as, Han Sang-jin or
Min Young-tae, since each man has a different wife.

*  Many thanks to
fellow addict chrissy from philly for
writing the intro to this drama.
Factoid:  Shin Goo (Hyun-ja's stepdad) portrayed
Joon-sang in the hillarious remake of Winter Ballad
shown at the 2002 KBS Drama Awards Show.

Learn Korean:
anae (a-nae) = wife  (The Hangul letters for anae
are shown in the photos above.)

Writer:  Jung Ha Yeon  
Producer:  Kim Hyun Joon/Kim Won Yong

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