SBS special project drama (2003) - 18
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Aired on SBS in Korea:  May 31, 2003-
July 27, 2003 Saturday & Sunday nights at
9:45 - 10:50
Not aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii.

Park Tae-young (29):  Park Jung Chul
Kim So-hyun (24):  Kim Tae Hee (Stairway
to Heaven)
Song Yoo-ra (25):  Oh Seung Hyun (Since
We Met)
Kim Joon-pyo (28):  Gong Yoo (Coffee
Park Joo-young (30):  Jun Mi Sun
Oh Kwang-soo (34)  Park Hyung Joon
Choi Kyung-ah (24):  Kim Ji Woo
Song Hyun-geun (Yoo-ra's dad, 56):  Lee
Hee Do
Park Jin-sup (60):  Jung Dong Hwan
(Autumn Story)
Yang Jin-soo (48):  Kim Se Min
Hwang Ki-sa (57):  Lee Moon Soo
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This drama focuses on the movie industry.  
A famous movie director dies in a
mysterious fire while trying to salvage his
unfinished film materials.  He leaves behind a
young daughter (age 13) who struggles with
great difficulty growing up.  Fortunately, she
manages to grow up as a bright person and
inherits her father's passion for movies.  She
starts working as a cleaner first in a hotel
then in a cinema complex,  and later works
herself up in her career through her ability to

*  Many thanks to
fellow addict J. Lim
from Malaysia
for the summary of this

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Writer:  Im Chae Joon
Producer:  Lee Seung Ryul   

Learn Korean:
seukeurin (seu-keu-rin) = screen (loanword)
All syllables in Korean must have one vowel
and at least one consonant.  When English
words have more than one consonant sound
tied together (for example, "scr" in screen) the
Korean vowel "eu" (which looks like a
horizontal line) is added to separate the
consonant sounds.  That is why screen is
romanized as seu-keu-rin.  When
pronouncing this word, the "eu" has a very
faint "uh" sound and the "i" is pronounced like
"ee" (rhymes with bee).  When you say it fast,
it sounds similar to screen in English.

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