Bool Ggot
SBS drama - 32 episodes
Aired in Taiwan and Singapore:  2001
Aired on KBFD-TV with English subtitles:  
January 13, 2006 - April 29, 2006 on
Friday and Saturday nights at 9:25
(replaced Wedded Bliss).

Park Ji-hyun (screenwriter): Lee Young
e (Dae Jang Geum)
Lee Kang-wook (plastic surgeon): Lee
Kyung Young
( Blue Mist)
___ Jong-hyuk (businessman): Cha In Pyo
(Her House)
Ho Min-kyung (dermatologist): Cho Min
Ji-hyun's dad:  Baek Il Sup (Glass Slippers)
Ji-hyun's mom:  Jung Hye Sun (More Than
Love/Tropical Nights in December)
Park Ji-tae (Ji-hyun's brother):  __
Ji-tae's wife:  Yang Mi Kyung (Dae Jang
Han-soo:  __
Jin-hee: __
So Yoo-ja (Ji-hyun's co-worker):  Kim Na
Woon (Yellow Handkerchief)
Na Hyun-kyung (Ji-hyun's younger
co-worker):  Jang Suh Hee (Her
House/Miss Mermaid)
Min-kyung's aunt:  Kim Hae Sook (Bizarre
Jong-hyuk's dad:  Park Geun Hyung (To
Marry a Millionaire/Secret)
Jong-hyuk's mom:  Kang Boo Ja (Farewell
to Tears)

Ji-hyun is an aspiring scriptwriter and
Kang-wook is a plastic surgeon.  They
meet while on vacation in Thailand.  
Without knowing anything about each other,
they have a one-night stand.  However, it
turns out that they each have a "significant
other" back in Korea.  Ji-hyun is engaged to
Jong-hyuk, the son of a powerful
businessman.  Kang-wook has a high
school sweetheart (Min-kyung) that he is on
the verge of marrying.  The story goes on
about how both Ji-hyun and Kang-wook
can't forget their passionate night together,
but try to suppress their feelings for each
other because of their responsibilities to
their families and their respective fiance(e).

Factoid*:  This drama illustrates the
subservient role of women in Korean
culture.  Ji-hyun had to literally beg her
husband and his family to allow her to work
after marriage.

*  Many thanks to
Linda from Texas for
graciously providing information for these
Learn Korean:
Bool/bul = fire
Ggot/kkot = flower

Other variations of drama name:
Firework (title used by KBFD-TV)
Huo Hua (Fire Flower) - chinese title
Hana Bi - japanese title
Love as Firework

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