All About Eve
Ibeuui Modeun Geot
MBC Miniseries drama (2000)- 20 episodes
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Aired in Korea: April 26, 2000-July 6, 2000
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:   6/6/00 - 8/9/00 on
Wednesday and Thursday nights 8:00-9:00
Aired again on KBFD-TV (encore presentation):  
11/8/02 - __ Friday & Saturday nights at 9:25
(replaced Love & Jealousy)

Yun Hyong-chul:  Jang Dong Gun (Love)
Jin Sun-mi:  Chae Rim (Four Sisters)
Kim Woo-jin:  Han Jae Suk (Four Sisters)
Huh Young-mi:  Kim So Yeon (Mothers & Sisters)
Mr. Jin (Sun-mi's father):  Hyun Suk (Her House)
Ms. Song (Woo-jin's mother):  Park Won Sook (Her
Kim Sun-dal (TV news anchor):  Park Chul (Four
Yu Ju-hee (TV news co-anchor):  Kim Jung Eun
Lee Kyong-hee:  Lee Geun Hee (Orient Theatre)
Shin Ki-dong:  Park Sook Chul (Four Sisters)
Choi Jin-su (Sun-mi and Young-mi's classmate):  
Yoon Ki Won (Four Sisters)
Jo Cho-jae:  Kim Hyo Jin (Medical Center)
Ahn Joon-mo (Woo-jin's friend):  Ahn Jung Hoon
(Sunflower/My Lady)  
Bae In-su:  Choi Joon Yong (Rival/Air Force/Medical
___ (Hyong-chul's rival):  Choi Joon Yong
Chairman Yun (Hyong-chul's father):  Han In Soo
(Like Father, Unlike Son)
Hyong-chul's mother:  Lee Kyung Jin (Fox & Cotton
Candy/Beautiful Days)
Sun-mi's aunt in London: __ (Bong-sook's mom in
Since We Met)

This drama is about two young women with
completely different backgrounds who compete
against each other at work and in love.

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All About Eve was voted the top Korean TV drama in
2000 according to

Other variations of drama name:
Ebyeh Muh Din Guh
Xia Wa De You Huo (Seduction of Eve) - chinese title

Producer:  Lee Jin Suk
Writer:  Park Ji Hyun

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Hyong-chul and Sun-mi
Woo-jin and
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