Autumn Story
Gaeul Donghwa
KBS Miniseries (2000) - 16 episodes
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Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  Fall 2000
Monday and Tuesday nights 8:00-9:00
Re-aired as an encore presentation on KBFD-TV: Oct. 17,
2003 - Dec. 6, 2003 Friday and Saturday nights at 9:25
(Replaced Good-bye My Love).

Yun Joon-suh:  Song Seung Hun (Summer Scent)
Yun/Choi Eun-suh:  Song Hae Gyo (FUll House)
Han Tae-suhk:  Won Bin (Propose)
Shin Yumi:  Han Na Na
Yun Shin-ae:  Han Chae Young (Sassy Girl
Joon-suh (teenager):  Choi Woo Hyuk (Glass Slippers)
Eun-suh (teenager):  Moon Kun Young (Wife)
Shin-ae (teenager):  Lee Ae Jung
Yun Kyo-su (Joon-suh's father):  Jung Dong Hwan
(Winter Ballad)
Lee Kyung-ha (Joon-suh's mother):  Sun Woo Eun Sook
(Delicious Proposal)
Kim Soon-im (Eun-suh's birth mother):  Kim Hae Sook
(Bizarre Bunch)

Summary: Joon-suh and Eun-suh are raised as brother
and sister for 14 years until it is discovered that Eun-suh
was switched with Joon-suh's real sister (Shin-ae) at
birth.  Upon learning of the mixup, Joon-suh's family
leaves for the States, leaving Eun-suh in Korea.  After 9
years, Joon-suh's family returns to Korea.  Joon-suh and
Eun-suh are eventually reunited, but only after Joon-suh
becomes  engaged to Yumi and Tae-suhk falls for
Eun-suh.  Trouble starts when Joon-suh and Eun-suh
cannot avoid their true love for each other.

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Factoid: Autumn Story was one of the most popular
dramas in 2000.  It was also a big hit in Taiwan.

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Learn Korean*:
gaeul (Ga-eul) = autumn
donghwa (dong-hwa) = tale (children's story)

Other variations of drama name:
Autumn Tale
A Tale of Autumn
Endless Love
Autumn in My Heart
Gah Eul Dong Hwa

Travel tips*: The locations where Korean TV dramas
are shot are becoming popular tourist destinations.  For
example, the little port town where Joon-suh and
Eun-suh grew up during childhood and the ranch that
they stayed at as grown-ups are attracting many
Taiwanese tourists.  An interesting phenomenon is that if
a certain drama is more popular in one Asian country
than in another Asian country, that drama site will be
flooded with tourists from that country where the drama
is most popular.  For example, if a drama is more
popular in Indonesia than in Taiwan, the drama site will
be flooded with Indonesian tourists.  If the drama is
more popular in Taiwan, then the drama site will be
flooded with Taiwanese tourists.  Along the same lines,
Japanese tourists are flocking to a place called "Shiri
Hill" in Jeju Island after the success of "Shiri" (a Korean
movie) in Japan.

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drama being made into a movie.

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