"Passion For Korea" Tour
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Food Carts at Namdaemun Market
"This trip was such a positive experience that cleared up many misconceptions I had about Korea.  I gained a better understanding about this country and its people.  The places we visited, the people we met, and the food we ate all contributed to this positive experience and how similar Asian countries can be."       -- Joyce
"Many of us want to visit Korea again . . ."          -- Jean
"From someone who doesn't get to travel often, I truly appreciated this wonderful cultural experience."    -- Merle
"I would most certainly like to return to Korea and see places that I've missed and/or return to museums to browse more leisurely."       -- Elaine
"As the HALMONI of this journey, I must say that I couldn't have picked a nicer group of people to share with me a dream come true!"              -- Malia
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