"Passion For Korea" Tour
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October 13 - 24, 2004

On October 13, 2004, 80 Korean drama fans primarily from Hawaii left Honolulu to explore Korean TV studios (KBS and MBC), drama sites and cultural highlights.   The tour was spearheaded by Mrs. Hyoncha Koga, a prominent leader in the local Korean community.  The group traveled around in 3 separate busses.  Here are some photos and comments from participants on Mrs. Koga's bus.
Mrs. Koga's bus group
KBS producer Kim Jong-sik and screenwriter Park Jung-ran (center), who were speakers at the Korean Drama Symposium held on October 9 - 10, 2004 at the University of Hawaii Center for Korean Studies, happened to be taking the same flight to Korea that the tour group was taking
"Although I know Korean people here in Hawaii, I felt that I knew very little about their culture."          -- Rene
"First of all, the Korean dramas opened a whole new world for me."     --- Dixie
"After watching Korean dramas for the past 3-4 years and being in contact with Korean students in my school, I wanted to travel to Korea to experience first-hand, what I have seen and heard about this Asian country."       -- Joyce
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Group B (another bus group)