Korean Drama Symposium
Center for Korean Studies
University of Hawaii at Manoa

October 8 & 9, 2004
This is a photo of the speakers and sponsors of the symposium.
Front row:  Yun Hee Chung (KBFD Operations Manager), Jeff Chung (KBFD General Manager), Lisa Leung (University of Hong Kong), Wimal Dissanayake (University of Hawaii at Manoa), and Jun Yoo (UH Manoa/symposium coordinator).
Middle row:  Ho-min Sohn (Director of the Center for Korean Studies, UH Manoa), Crystal Suh (KBFD translator),
Kim Jong-sik (KBS producer), and  Young-kyun Shin (translator).
Back row:  Robert Huey (East Asia Council Director),
Park Jung-ran (KBS screenwriter), Edward Shultz (UH Manoa professor/symposium coordinator), Chris Berry (University of London), and Koichi Iwabuchi (Waseda University).
The turnout for the symposium was terrific.  The CKS auditorium was packed full with fellow addicts.  Audiovisual equipment was setup outside of the auditorium so that the overflow crowd would be able to see and hear the presentations.  Chris Berry commented in his closing remarks that this symposium was very special since there was a 3-way communication between university professors, industry professionals (e.g., producer Kim and screenwriter Park) and the public (i.e., fellow addicts).  Jun Yoo thought that this symposium had the largest turnout of all symposiums held at the CKS.
KBS screenwriter Park Jung-ran (seated) with a few of her many Hawaii fans.  Ms. Park was the screenwriter for Yellow Handkerchief.
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(Sorry, the photos are still not coming out properly.  Will try to get photos from other fellow addicts.)