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Here are links to interesting articles.

Airline Safety:  
Korea Times 10/4/06
Ankle Sprains:  JoongAng Daily 1/20/07 (treatment)
Arthritis:  Dong-A Ilbo 9/3/07 (O-shaped legs); JoongAng Daily
11/18/06 (rheumatoid arthritis in children); Dong-A Ilbo 11/6/06
(rheumatoid arthritis)
Asthma:  JoongAng Daily 10/14/06
Beauty Tips:  Dong-A Ilbo 7/2/07 (habits that promote
wrinkles);  JoongAng Daily 4/3/07 (BB creams); Chosun Ilbo
2/7/07 Using Fewer Products); Korea Times 12/6/06 (Getting
Rid of Facial Wrinkles); Chosun Ilbo 10/9/06; Chosun Ilbo
Blood Type:  Chosun Ilbo 9/8/06
Breast Cancer:  Korea Times 7/26/09 (High Insulin Stimulates
Breast Cancer Tumor); JoongAng Daily 10/14/06
Breast Enhancement:  Chosun Ilbo 10/20/06; Chosun Ilbo
Bullying:  JoongAng Daily 1/24/07
Cancer Treatment:  Dong-A Ilbo 2/18/08 (Ultrasound Kills
Cancer Cells); JoongAng Daily (soy controversy);  JoongAng
Daily 3/25/06
Cause of Death:  Chosun Ilbo 1/11/07 (people in their 40s)
Constipation:  Korea Times 8/12/07 (Things We Should Know
About Constipation)
Dandruff:  KBS Global 1/14/09 (Scalp Needs Moisture and
Nutrition during Winter); Korea Times 4/27/08 (Tips for
Dandruff Management); Dong-A Ilbo 2/27/08 (How to Treat
Depression:  Chosun Ilbo 11/13/07 (Depression Stalks Younger
Korean Women); Dong-A Ilbo 3/19/07 (treatment)
Diabetes:  Dong-A Ilbo 6/4/07 (Actor Recounts Bout with
Diabetes); Dong-A Ilbo 5/14/07 (managing juvenile diabetes);
Korea Times 3/15/07 (effective diabetes management); Dong-A
Ilbo 2/2/07 (Dieting & Diabetes)
Dreams:  Chosun Ilbo 2/21/07 (studying dreams)
Drinking Tips:  Korea Times 5/13/07 (excessiving drinking
reduces brain size); Dong-A Ilbo 11/27/06
Electron Waves:  Chosun Ilbo 12/14/06 (avoiding electron
English Fatigue Syndrome:  Chosun Ilbo 6/22/06
Fighting Cancer:  JoongAng Daily 3/25/06 (positive attitude);
Chosun Ilbo 3/24/06 (foods to eat)
First Aid:  Dong-A Ilbo 4/30/07 (emergency aid for children);
Dong-A Ilbo 8/28/06
Flu Prevention:  Chosun Ilbo 11/13/06
Folk Remedies:  JoongAng Daily 12/10/07 (Organic meds not
for the squeamish)
Food Safety:  Dong-A Ilbo 7/3/06
Foot Care:  Dong-A Ilbo 6/13/07 (Clean Between Teso, Wear
Cotton Socks in Sneakers); JoongAng Daily 3/4/06
Hangover Relief:  JoongAng Daily 11/15/06 (soups)
Heart:  Dong-A Ilbo 4/16/07 (stents)
Hiking:  Dong-A Ilbo 3/5/07 (hiking tips)
Home Remedies:  Korea Times 11/9/06 (winter colds)
Hugs:  Dong-A Ilbo 1/29/07 (healthy hugs)
Insomnia:   Chosun Ilbo 6/29/07 (Tips for Beating Insomnia);
Dong-A Ilbo 11/13/06
Intestinal Fat:  Chosun Ilbo 5/31/06
Jaw:  Dong-A Ilbo 4/9/07 (jaw joint disorders)
Jogging:  Dong-A Ilbo 3/5/07 (jogging tips)
Kidney:  Korea Times 3/16/08 (Is Your Kidney Okay?)
Liver:  Korea Times 4/12/07 (liver's functions)
Longevity:  Dong-A Ilbo 5/15/07 (exercises for homemakers);  
Chosun Ilbo 1/19/07 (healthy habits)

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