Wish Upon A Star
Byeoleul Ddadajwo
SBS Mon/Tues. drama (2010) - 20 episodes
For SBS homepage for this drama (in Korean),
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tv.sbs.co.kr/star/ Aired in Korea:  Jan. 4,
2010 to March 16, 2010 on SBS Monday and
Tuesday nights at 8:50 p.m. (replaced Angel's
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in
Hawaii:   Feb. 15, 2010 to April 20, 2010
Monday & Tuesday nights at 7:45; replayed
next afternoon at 2:45 (replaced Angel's

Jin Red (25):  Choi Jung Won (Infamous Chil
Won Kang-ha (33):  Kim Ji Hoon (Golden
Won Joon-ha (30):  Shin Dong Wook
Jung Jae-young (28):  Chae Young In
Woo Tae-gyu (22):  Lee Kyeon
Chairman Jung Kook (70):  Lee Soon Jae
(Who's My Love)
Jung In-goo (Jae-young's dad,50):  Kim Gyu
Chul (Delicious Proposal)
Lee Min-kyung (Jae-young's mom, 50):  Jung
Ae Ri (Love & Ambition)
Han Jin-joo (39):  Park Hyun Sook
Kim Jang-soo (40):  Lee Doo Il
Choi Eun-mal (70):  Kim Ji Young
Na Joo-soon (45):  Yoo Ji In
Jin Se-yoon (40):  Lee Young Bum
Jin Orange (14):  Park Ji Bin
Jin Yellow (11):  Kim Yoo Ri
Jin Green (9):  Joo Ji Won
Jin Blue (7):  Chun Bo Geun
Jin Indigo (1):  ___
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Do not confuse this drama with the MBC
drama of the same name co-starring Cha In
Pyo and Choi Jin Sil.
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Screenwriter:  Jung Ji Woo
P.D.:  Jung Hyo (My Love)
Asst. P.D.:  Oh Jin Suk

Learn Korean:
bbal-kang = red
ju-hwang = orange
no-rang = yellow
cho-rok = green
pa-rang = blue
nam-i = indigo

Variations of drama name:
Wish Upon A Star (title used by KBFD-TV)
Stars Falling from the Sky (title used by YesAsia)

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