Emperor Wang Gun
Taejo Wang Geon
KBS Sat/Sun drama (2000-2002)- 200 episodes
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Aired on KBS in Korea:  2000 - Feb. 24, 2002
on Saturday & Sunday nights 9:45.
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  2000- 5/10/02


Emperor Wang Gun (877-943):  Choi Su Jong
Kung Ye (guy with eye patch, 870-918):  Kim Young Chul
Kang Bi - Yun Hwa (? - 915):  Kim Hyeo Ri
Kyun __ (867-935):  Suh In Suk

This drama is about Emperor Wang Gun, the founder of the Koryo Dynasty.

This is a historical drama with elaborate costumes and detailed fighting scenes.  Historical dramas are very popular in Korea similar to how cowboy movies are popular in the U.S. and samurai movies are popular in Japan.

This drama tied with Autumn Story for the KBS Best Drama Award in 2000.  The KBS Actor of the Year Award was won by Kim Young Chul in 2000, followed by Choi Soo Jong in 2001.  Lee Wan Kyung tied for the  KBS Screenwriter's Award in 2001.
My apologies in advance in case there are any inaccuracies.
Learn Korean:
Taejo (tae-jo) = emperor/king

Other variations of drama name:
Wang Guhn
King Wang Gun

Screenwriter:  Lee Wan Kyung
Producer:  Kim Jong Sun

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Kung-ye (left), Wang Gun (top) and
Kang Bi (right)