SWAT Police
SBS drama  special (2000) - 16 episodes
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Aired on SBS  in Korea:  July 19, 2000- Sept. 17, 2000  Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9:55.
KBFD-TV in Hawaii does not usually shows dramas from this time slot.

Lee Dong-haKim Suk Hoon (Affection)
Yoo Kang-jooLee Jong Won (Like Father, Unlike Son/Pure Heart)
Kim HwanKim Sang Kyung (Snowflakes)
Oh Sang-heeHwang In Young (Cool)
Jung Dan-bi:  Kim Yoo Mi (Romance)
Park Tae-hyung:  Lee Duk Hwan 
Jang Dae-gyu:  Kil Yong Woo (Four Sisters/Sunshine)
Baek Sung-chul:  Kim Sang Joon
Jo Il-young:  Nam Sung Jin (Four Sisters/Sunflower)
Kim In-soo:  Yoon Chul Hyung
Park Young-chul:  Lee Sang In (Paper Crane)
Oh Sa-bum:  Park Geun Hyung (Her House)
Choi Jung-han: Sun Woo Jae Duk (Side Street People)
Kim Hoe-jang:  Kim Mu Saeng (Beautiful Life/Barefoot Days)
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Writer:  Lee Han Ho
Producer:  Jung Se Ho  

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swat.sbs.co.kr/photo.htm.  Spoiler alert:  The photo gallery contains photos of scenes from the drama and may contain spoilers.

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SWAT Police
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