I'm Sorry, I Love You
Mianhada Saranghanda
KBS miniseries (2004) - 16 episodes total
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www.kbs.co.kr/drama/misa/index.html/ (in
Aired on KBS2 in Korea:  November 9, 2004 to
December 28, 2004 Monday & Tuesday nights
at 9:55 (replaced Oh! Pil-seung and Bong
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii with English
subtitles:  January 12, 2005 - March 2, 2005
Wednesday & Thursday nights at 7:50; replayed
next afternoon at  3 (replaced Romance in Paris).

Cha Moo-hyuk:  So Ji Sup (Glass Slippers)
Song Eun-chae:  Im Soo Jung
Choi Yune (singer):  Jung Kyung Ho (Time
Between Dog & Wolf)
Kang Min-joo: Suh Ji Young
Moon Ji-young:  Choi Yeo Jin (Bride from
Oh Deul-hee (real name:  Jo Mal-bok) (Yune's
mom):  Lee Hye Young
Yoon Seo-kyung:  Jun Hye Jin
Song Dae-chun (Eun-chae's dad):  Lee Young Ha
Jang Hye-sook (Eun-chae's mom):  Kim Hye Ok
(Running After Dream)
Min Hyun-suk:  Shin Goo (Miss Kim's
Adventures in Making a Million/Wife)
Song Sook-chae (Eun-chae's older sister):  Ok Ji
Song Min-chae (Eun-chae's younger sister):  
Jung Hwa Young
Kim Kal-chi (Seo-kyung's son):  Park Gun Tae
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This drama was filmed in part in Australia.

So Ji Sup has a different hairstyle in this drama.  
He and Im Soo Jung won the best couple award
at the 2004 KBS drama awards show.

The last 2 episodes of this drama are tear-jerkers.  
According to the production staff, the script for those
episodes were impossible to read because of tears.  
Read about it in a 12/27/04 KBS Global marketing
article at:  

A second OST for this drama was issued due to
the popularity of this drama.  Read more about
the 2nd OST in a 12/23/04 KBS Global
Marketing article at:  

Suh Ji Young is a member of the female k-pop
group, Sharp.

This drama won the Best Picture Award at the
32nd Korean Broadcasting Awards.  Read about
this award in a 7/22/05 KBS Global article at:  
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Learn Korean:
mianhada (mi-an-ha-da) = to be sorry
saranghanda (sa-rang-han-da) = to love you
Choi Yune's given name was romanized as "Yune" by the
KBFD-TV translator.  It is more commonly romanized as Yun or
Yoon. (Similarly, the Jun in Bae Yong Jun's name is also romanized
as Joon and June.)

Variations of drama name:
I'm Sorry, I Love You (title used by KBFD-TV)
Sorry But I Love You (title used by YesAsia)
Sorry, I Love You (title used by KBS)
I Am Sorry But I Love You

Screenwriter:  Lee Hyung Min (Sang-doo)
Producer:   Lee Kyung Hee (Sang-doo)

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