Smile, Honey
Keudae Useoyo
SBS weekend drama (2009) - 45 episodes total
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Aired in Korea:  Sept. 26, 2009 to March 7,
2010 on SBS Saturday & Sunday nights at
10:00 (replaced Style).
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in
Hawaii:  Nov. 13, 2009 to April 16, 2010
Friday & Saturday nights at 7:45; replayed
next day at noon (replaced Style).

Kang Hyun-soo: Jung Kyung Ho (Time
Between Dog & Wolf)
Kang Man-bok (Hyun-soo's grandfather):  
Choi Bool Am (I Really, Really Like You)
Kang Sang-hoon (Hyun-soo's dad, 50):  Chun
Ho Jin (Trap of Youth)
Baek Geum-ja (Hyun-soo's mom, 50):  Song
Ok Sook (Glass Slipper)
Seo Jung-in (26): Lee Min Jung (Boys Over
Seo Jung-gil (Jung-in's dad, 55):  Kang Suk
Woo (Housewife's Rebellion)
Gong Joo-hee (Jung-in's mom, 50):  Huh Yoon
Seo Jung-kyung (Jung-in's older sis, 28):  Choi
Jung Yoon (Scary Girl)
Seo Sung-joon (Jung-in's brother):  Lee Cheon
Hee (Only You)
Lee Han-se (28):  Lee Gyu Han
Jung Ji-soo (22):  Jun Hye Jin (Family of
Han Min-joon (doctor, 42):  Hong Il-Gwon
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Screenwriter:  Moon Hee Jung (Last Scandal)
P. D.:  Lee Tae Gon (Last Scandal)

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Smile, Honey (title used by KBFD-TV)

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Jung-in (left), Hyun-soo & Jung-kyung