Shining Days
Haetbit Ssodajida
SBS drama special (2004) - 16 episodes
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Aired in Korea:  February 11, 2004- April 1, 2004 on SBS
Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:55.
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  Not announced whether this
drama will be shown.

Ji Yeon-woo (25):  Song Hae Gyo (Full House/All In/Autumn
Kim Min-ho (27):  Ryu Seung Bum (Loneliness)
Jung Eun-sup (7):  Jo Hyun Jae (Love Letter)
Lee Soo-ah (like's Eun-sup, 29):  Choi Yoo Jung
Oh Dal-jae (Yeon-woo's stepdad):  Oh Dae Kyu (Gift)
Oh Ye-kang (Yeon-woo's cousin?):  __
Nam Ban-jang (Mn-ho's co-worker):  Kang Sin Il
Han Jung-do (Min-ho's mom):  Kim Mi Kyung
Jung Sang-kuk:  Kim Jung Hak
Jung Seung-bum (Eun-sup's dad):  Song Jae Ho (Gift)
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Screenwriter:  Jo Jung Hwa   
Producer:  Kim Jong Hyuk
Assistant Producer:  Joo Dong Min/Kwon Hyuk Chan

Learn Korean:
haetbit (haet-bit) = sunshine/sunlight
ssodajida (ssod-a-ji-da) = to pour/gush out

Variations of drama name:
Rays of Sunshine (title used by YesAsia)

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