Pure in Heart
Yeolahop Sunjeong
KBS daily drama (2006) - 167 episodes total
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www.kbs.co.kr/drama/soonjung/index.html. (in
Aired in Korea:  May 22, 2006 to Jan. 12, 2007 on
KBS1 Monday thru Friday nights at 8:25 (replaced
Bizarre Bunch).
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  August 17, 2006 to
April 5, 2007 Monday thru Friday nights at 10:25;
replayed next weekday at 12:25 p.m. (replaced Bizarre
This drama is also shown in Southern California,
Chicago, New York City, Philadephia, Seattle and
Washington D.C.

Yang Guk-hwa (19): Goo Hye Sun
Hong U-gyeong (29): Lee Min Woo
Park Yun-hu (29): Suh Ji Suk
Park Yun-jeong (Yun-hu's sister, 23):  Lee Yoon Ji
(Ode to Han River/Palace)
Kang Shin-hyeong (29): Choo So Young (Hello God)
Hong Young-kam (U-gyeong's grandfather, 70):  Shin
Goo (Sorry I Love You)
Hong Mun-gu (U-gyeong's dad, 51):  Kang Nam Gil
(Farewell to Tears/Sad Love Story)
Kim Ok-geum (U-gyeong's mom, 48):  Kim Mi Kyung
Hong Pung-gu (U-gyeong's uncle, 45):  Kang Suk Woo
(Confession/Housewife's Rebellion)
Hong U-suk (U-gyeong's sister, 21):  Jo Jung Rin (Tell
Me You Love Me)
Choi Hye-suk, aka Eomji (47):  Lee Hye Sook
(Farewell to Tears)
Mr. Go (Mr. Hong's assistant, 45):  Lee Han Wi
Bok-goo: ___
Park Dong-kook (Yun-hu's dad, 53):  Han Jin Hee
(Farewell to Tears)
Yoon Myung-hye (Yun-hu's mom, 56):  Yoon Yeo Jung
(Farewell to Tears)
Park Yun-ji (Yun-hu's older sister, 33):  Yoon Yoo Sun
Go Gwang-man (Yun-ji's husband, 38):  Ahn Jung
Hoon (Jumong)
Go Na-ri (Yun-ji & Gwang-man's daughter, 10): ___
Kang Gun-hyung (28):  ___
Park Il-woo (33):  ___
Na Pal-ja (38):  Jo Mi Ryung (Golden Apple)
Ha Soo-jung (Yun-hu's first love, 29): ___
Kim Sun-hwa (45):  ___
Park Ildo (Eomji's ex-husband):  Kim Ha Kyoon
(Sweet Spy/Secret)
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Learn Korean:
yeolahop (yeol-a-hop) = 19
sunjeong (sun-jeong) = pure heart
Yun-hu = Yoon-hoo
Yun-jeong = Yoon-jung
U-gyeong = Woo-kyung
U-suk = Woo-sook
(KBS uses the government's method of romanizing
hangeul, so the spelling may look different from what you
are used to.)

Variations in Drama Name:
Pure in Heart (title used by KBFD-TV)
Pure 19

Screenwriter:   Goo Hyun Sook
P.D.:  Jung Sung Hyo (Pearl Necklace) & Hwang In Hyuk
(Goodbye Solo)

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