The Palace
MBC Wed/Thurs miniseries (2006) - 24 episodes
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Aired on MBC in Korea:  Jan. 11, 2006 - March 30,
2006 on Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:55.
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in
Hawaii:  March 17, 2006 - June 3, 2006 on Friday
& Saturday nights at 7:50; replayed next day at
noon (replaced Sweet Spy).

Min Hyo-rin: Song Ji Hyo
Lee Shin (crown prince):  Joo Ji Hoon
Shin Chae-kyung (commoner):  Yoon Eun Hye
Lee Yool (prince):  Kim Jung Hoon
Lee Soo (Yool's deceased dad):  Kim Sang Joon
(Legend of Love)
Hwa Young  (Yool's mom):  Shim Hye Jin
King (Shin's dad): Park Chan Hwan (Dae
Queen Min: Yoon Yoo Sun (Goodbye Solo)
Queen Mother Park: Kim Hye Ja (Since We Met)
Princess Hye-myung (Shin's sister): Lee Yoon Ji
(Ode to the Han River)
Kang In (Shin's friend):  Choi Sung Joon (Ode to
the Han River)
Jang Kyung (Shin's friend):  Lee Yong Joo
Ryu Hwan (Shin's friend):  Eom Sung Mo
Lee Kang-hyun (Chae-kyung's friend with glasses):  
Jeon Ji AE
Kim Soon-young (Chae-kyung's friend):  Lee Eun
Yoon Hee-soong (Chae-kyung's friend):  Dan Ji
Chae-kyung's dad:  Kang Nam Gil (A Farewell to
Tears/Sad Love Story)
Chae-kyung's mom:  Im Ye Jin
Shin Chae-joon (Chae-kyung's brother):  Kim Suk
(Seoul 1945)
Escort Kong Nae-kwan (Chief of Staff): Lee Ho Jae
Escort Choi Sang-koong: Jeon Su Yeon
Royal attendant 1:  Kim Dong Suk
Royal attendant 2:  Son Joon Hyung
Crown Prince's bodyguard 1:  Kang Wang Soo
Crown Prince's bodyguard 2:  Jin Kwang Woon
Crown Prince's bodyguard 3:  Choi Choon Bum
Crown Princess's bodyguard 1:  Yang Yoon Young
Crown Princess's bodyguard 2:  Choi Yoon Kyung
Crown Princess's bodyguard 3:  Jung Ha Eun
Queen Mother's Court Lady Kwang: Kwon Yeon
Queen Mother's Court Lady Suh: Won Mi Won
Queen's Court Lady Park: Yoon Hee Joo
Crown Princess's Court Lady Chun: Jung Kyung
Crown Princess's Court Lady Bang: Lee So Won
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Learn Korean:
gung = palace

Variations of drama name:
The Palace (title used by KBFD-TV)
Princess Hours (title used by YesAsia & MBC Global Media)

Screenwriter:   In Eun Ah
Director:  Hwang In Roi (I'm Sorry, I Love You)
Producer:  Eight Peaks (Kim Ji Yeon)
Art Director:  Min Ean Ok
Wardrobe:  Lim Yeon Soo
Food Stylist:  Go Yung Ok
Visual Effects Supervisor:  Min Byung Chun

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