My Pitiful Sister
KBS1 TV Novel (2008) - 150 episodes total
(60 episodes as of 8/29/08 in Korea)
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Aired in Korea:  June 9, 2008 to Jan. 2, 2009  on KBS1 Monday thru Friday morningss at 7:50.

Song In-ok (1st sister):
-as a child:  Han Bo Bae
-as an adult: 
Jun Hye Jin (Yellow Handkerchief)
Song In-soo (2nd sister):
-as a child:  Kim Ye Won
-as an adult: 
Oh Seung Eun (Beautiful Days)
Song In-ae (3rd sister):  Jung Da Young
Kim Hak-in (In-ok's first love):
-as a child:  Lee Poong Woon
-as an adult: 
Choi Chul Ho (Golden Era)
Kim Hak-gyu (Hak-in's brother):
-as a child:  Lee Suk Min
-as an adult:
Choi Sung Min (Loneliness)
Ms. Hwang (Hak-in's mom):  Kim Dong Joo (Farewell to Tears)
Kim Joo-sa (Hak-in's dad):  Lee Hee Do (Dae Jang-geum)
Kim Sung-hee (Hak-in's younger sister):  Han So Jung
Kim Eun-young (Hak-gyu's daughter):  Mi Jung
Lee Duk-san:
-as a child:  Suh Joon Young
-as an adult:  Kim Il Woo (Farewell to Tears)
Ms. Ahn: Nam Neung Mi
Duk-sil: Lee Duk Hee
Lee Duk-ki (Duk-san's younger brother):  Choi Duk Moon
Bae Young-soon (Duk-ki's wife):  Lee Mae Ri (That Woman's Choice)
Sang-bum (Duk-ki & Young-soon's son):  Mi Jung
Kang Woo-hyuk (In-soo's first love):  Lee Dong Gyu
Kang Woo-je: ___
Lee Soon-im (Duk-san's friend):  Lee Seung Sin
Kim Ki-tae (Soon-im's husband):  Lee Chul Min
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Learn Korean:

keuneonni (keun-eon-hi) = oldest sister

Variations in Drama Name
My Pitiful Sister (title used by KBS World)

Screenwriters:  Lee Se Young & Ho Young Wook
Director:  Hong Suk Duk

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In-ok (left), In-ae & In-soo
In-ok (left) & Hak-in
in their younger days