Who's My Love
Nae Sarang Nugulgga
KBS weekend drama (2002) - 84 episodes
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Aired on KBS2 in Korea:  March 2, 2002 - Dec. 29, 2002 Saturday & Sunday nights at 7:50
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  4/21/02 - 2/9/03 Sunday nights 7:00 - 9:00 (replaced Like Father, Unlike Son)

Kim Hyun-sikRyu Jin (Pure Heart)
Kim Sang-sik (Hyun-sik's younger brother, college student):  Kim Jung Hyun (She's the One/Hourglass)
Kim Yoon-sik (Hyun-sik's older brother, vet):  Yoon Da Hoon (Guardian Angel)
Kim Hee-gap (Hyun-sik's father, 49):  Lee Jung Gil (Min-chul's father in Beautiful Days)
Kim Duk-bae (Hyun-sik's grandfather):  Lee Soon Jae (Chairman in Guardian Angel)
Grandfather's wife:  Yuh Woon Kye (grandmother in Like Father, Unlike Son)
Kim Duk-jin (grandfather's younger brother):  Im Chae Woo (Orient Theatre)
Nam-su (Duk-jin's wife): Jung Jae Soon (To Be With You/Tender Hearts) 
Kim Duk-ja (grandfather's younger sister):  Jung Hye Sun (More Than Love/Blue Mist)
Lee Ha-na (model):  Lee Tae Ran (More Than Love)
__ In-ae (Ha-na's mother):  Yoon Yeo Jung (hotel proprietress in Hotelier)
Oh Ji-yeon (Ph.D. candidate):  Lee Seung Yun (Man of Autumn/Orient Theatre)
Na Choo-hee (Ji-yeon's mother):  Jung Young Sook (Picnic)
Kim Go-eunMyung Se Bin
Go-eun's mother:  Suh Kwon Sook (Stock Flower)     
Go-eun's dad:  Yoon Duk Yong   
Cha Myung-hwan (Kyung-hwa's former boyfriend):  Han Jin Hee (This is Love)
Park Kyung-joo (Duk-ja's younger daughter/
cafe owner):  Kyun Mi Ri (Tender Hearts)
Park Kyung-hwa (Duk-ja's older daughter/
dentist):  Park Jung Soo (Like Father, Unlike Son/Sweet Bear)
Joo-mi (Happy House dog groomer):  Kim Ji Eun
Yong-joon (Happy House worker):  Kwon Yong Chul
Sang-kyu (Happy House worker):  Lee Sang Hoon
Cho-hee (Sang-sik's friend): Jung Eun Kyung (Sweetheart)
Ho-sup (Hana's friend): __ (Beautiful Days)
Prof. Han (Hana's step-father):  Kim Yong Gun (Romance/Four Sisters)
Kim Sumi (Duk-jin's daughter):  __
Tak Ki-hwan (cafe customer):  Song Seung Hwan (Confession/Housewife's Rebellion) 
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This drama is about the Kim family who all live in the same building, along with two outspoken, independent female renters.


This drama reunites Ryu Jin and Lee Tae Ran who played a married couple in More Than Love.  It also marks Lee Tae Ran's comeback after a sex scandal in 2001 involving a former manager.  The lawsuits have been settled and Lee Tae Ran's acting career is continuing.

Learn Korean*:
nae = my
sarang = love
nugulgga = who is
* Many thanks to fellow addict
Margaret for sharing this information.

Other variations of drama name:

Who Is My Love?
Who Might Be My Love?

Writer:  Kim Soo Hyun (Fireworks)
Producer:  Jung Eul Young (Fireworks

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The Stars
Front row:  Myung Se Bin, Lee Tae Ran,  Lee Seung Yun and Ryu Jin.  Back Row:  Yoon Da Hoon and Kim Jung Hyun         
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