Love in Heaven
Haneul Isiyeo
SBS weekend drama (2005) - 85 episodes total
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Aired in Korea:  Sept. 10, 2005 to July 2, 2006 on SBS Saturday and Sunday nights at 8:45.
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii with English subtitles:  March 18, 2008 to ___ Monday and Tuesday nights at 9:25 p.m. (replaced In Search of Son).

Lee Ja-kyung (make-up artist, 28):  Yoon Jung Hee (War of Roses)
Goo Wang-mo (anchor, 32):  Lee Tae Gon (Yeon Gae So Mun)
Goo Seul-ah (Wang-mo's sister, 23):  Lee Soo Kyung
Kim Cheong-ha (34):  Jo Yeon Woo
Kang Ye-ri (23):  Wang Bit Na (My Love Fool)
Kim Bae-deuk (48):  Park Hae Mi
Kim Mi-hyang (Ye-ri's mom):  Lee Bo Hee (Blue Mist)
Kang Dong-choon (Mi-hyang's husband, 54):  Hyun Suk (All About Eve)
Kang Yi-ri (Mi-hyang & Dong-choon's son):  Kang Ji Sup (Salt Doll)
Ji Young-sun (Wang-mo's mom, 51):  Han Ye Sook
Maria Wang (77):  Jung Hye Sun (Blue Fish)
Lee Hong-pa (Young-sun's first love, 54):  Im Chae Moo (Smile Again)
Mo Ran-sil (Hong-pa's mom, 76):  Ban Hyo Jung (Second Proposal)
Bong Eun-ji (Hong-pa's wife, 50):  Kim Young Ran (Four Sisters)
Moon-ok: Lee Min Ah
Goo Sa-hyun: ___
Lee Joong-suk (Jong-pa's son): ___
Lee Seo-woong
(Bae-deuk's husband): ___
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Screenwriter:  Im Sung Han
P.D.:  Shin Yoon Sup

Learn Korean:
haneul (ha-neul) = heaven/sky
isiyeo (i-si-yeo) = ?

Variations of drama name
Love in Heaven (title used by SBS Global)
Dear Heaven (title used by KBFD-TV)

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Top row:  Cheong-ha, Ye-ri,
Ja-kyung & Yi-ri
Bottom row:  Seul-ah & Wang-mo
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