The Immortal Lee Soon Shin
Bulmyeolui Lee Soon-shin
KBS epic drama (2004) - 104 episodes
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Aired on KBS1 in Korea:  Sept. 4, 2004 - Aug. 28, 2005 on Saturday and Sunday nights at 9:45 (replaced Age of Warriors). 
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii with English subtitles:  October 27, 2004 - Nov. 3, 2005 on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9:25; replays next afternoon at 1:00 (replaced Age of Warriors). 


Yi Soon-shin (1545-1598):
  --child:  Yoo Seung Ho (Daddy Fish)
Kim Myung Min (More Beautiful Than A Flower)
Won Kyoon (1540-1597):
  --child:  Kim Hak Joon (Love Letter)
Choi Jae Sung
Ryu Sung-ryong (1542-1607):
  --child:  Oh Seung Yoon
Lee Jae Ryong (To Be With You)
Sun Jo (1552-1608): Jo Min Ki (Yellow Handkerchief)
Im Chyun-sooKim Kyu Chul (Age of Warriors/On the Prairie)
Hong:  Ahn Yeon Hong (Romance)
This is an historical epic drama so it has a very long list of characters.   For an longer list of the characters in English, click here (under construction).
For KBS info (in Korean) about the cast, go to:
.  The photos of characters shown on that site are as follows:
1st row:  Lee Soon-shin, Yoo Sung-ryong, Sun Jo, Yoon Doo-soo, and Yoon Keun-soo.
2nd row:  Yoon Hwan-shi, Lee Duk-hyung, Sun Jun-kwan, Jong Sa-kwan, and Lee Young-nam.
3rd row:  Kwon Joon, Lee Soon-shin (dong), Woo Chi-juk, Song Hee-rib, and Lee Wan.
4th row:  Hwang Se-deuk, Nal Bal, Kim Wan, Suh Koon-kwan, and Woo Song.
5th row:  Soseohaengjang (?), Yoshira, Wakijaka, Dojinuihong (?), and Jin Rin.
6th row:  Deung Ja-ryong

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.  (caution:   KBS's English site may have spoilers)

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:  Admiral Lee Soon-shin is a national hero in Korea.  He developed the famous Turtle Ship, which was a first-of-its-kind armored battleship that helped Korea win many sea battles against Japan.  There is a 55 foot high statue in Seoul honoring Admiral Lee.

Actor Ryu Shi Won is a direct descendant of Ryu Sung Ryong, the real-life character played by Lee Jae Ryong.

For an interesting 11/16/04 Korea Herald article about Ahn Yeon Hong who plays Hong,
click here.

For a 4/19/05 KBS Global article about the popularity of this drama in China,
click here.  For a  9/1/05 KBS Global article about the populairty of this drana in the U.S., click here.
Learn Korean:
bulmyeolui (bul-myeol-ui) = immortal
Yi Soon-shin = name of the main character in this drama.  Can also be romanized as Lee Sun Sin.  Pronounced Ee (rhymes with bee) Soon Shin.
The surname Ryu evolved from the surname Yoo.   For example, Ryu Shi Won's ancestors originally had the surname Yoo.

Shopping: For info from  Amazon on a comic book on Yi Soon-shin, click here.

Variations of drama name:

The Immortal Lee Soon-shin
Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Shin (title used on KBC28 message board)

Screenwriters:  Yoon Young Soo/Yoon Sun Joo/ Park Young Sook/Jang Ki Chang
Producers:   Lee Sung Joo (To Be With You/Tender Hearts)/Han Joon Suh (Rosemary)
Asst. Producers:  Kim Ui Soo/Song Hyun Wook 

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Admiral Yi Soon-shin