Save the Last Dance for Me
Majimak Chumeun Nawa Hamkke
SBS drama (2004) - 20 episodes
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Aired in Korea:  October 23, 2004 - Jan. 2,
2005 on SBS Saturday & Sunday nights at
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii in 2011.

Ji Eun-soo (20): Yoo Jin (Loving You)
Kang Hyun-woo/Chang-ho (20): Ji Sung
(Conditions of Love)
Yoon Soo-jin (20): Lee Bo Young (My
Jung Tae-min (20): Ryu Soo Young
Kang Hyung-jung (Hyun-woo's sister):  Lee
Hye Young
Chairman Kang Man-cheol (Hyun-woo's
dad):  Kim Mu Saeng (Beautiful Life)
Ms. Park (Hyun-woo's mom, 49):  Kim
Young Ran (Four Sisters)
Eun-soo's dad (47):  Park In Hwan (Tell Me
You  Love Me)
Ms. Oh (50):  Kim Min Jung
Ahn Jang-mi (20):   Kim Min Joo
Choo Sun-young (30):  Ahn Sun Young
Park Ho-jin (30):  Suh Kyung Suk
Choi Suk-goo (Tae-min's friend, 20):  Kim
Hong Pyo (Lover)
Shin Jung-kyu (doctor, 20):  Kang Ji Hwan
Yoon Ui-won:  Shin Kwi Sik
Ms. Son:  Kim Hyung Ja
Joo Sa-rang:  Kim Byung Ki
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Screenwriter:  Ma Jin Won/Jo Yoon
Young/Song Hwang Won
Producer:  Lee Seung Ryul (Kukhee)
Asst. Producers:  Hwang Hyuk/Sun Woo Young

Learn Korean:
majimak (ma-ji-mak) = final/last
chum = dance

Variations of drama name:
Save the Last Dance For Me
Save Your Last Dance For Me (title used by
Save the Last Dance With Me (title used by SBS

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Hyun-woo & Tae-min
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