Kitchen Maid
MBC Thanksgiving Day Special (2002) - 2 episodes
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Both episodes aired on MBC in Korea:  Sept. 21, 2002 Saturday morning at 9:00 - 11:00
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  Feb. 28, 2003 (Friday) and March 1, 2003 (Saturday) at 7:50 p.m.

Kim Soon-young (20-35):  Lee Min Young (Like Father, Unlike Son/Dear Encounter)
Kim Soon-sil (Soon-young's younger sister, 19-34):  Kim Young Mi
Lee Duk-jae (22-37):  Lee Jae Hwang
Kang-ok (bar owner, 30-35):  Lee Bo Hee (Ladies of the Palace/Blue Mist)
Lee Chyun-soo (Duk-jae's dad, 45-50):  Hyun Suk (Glass Slippers/All About Eve)
Ms. Park (Duk-jae's mom, 44-49):  Choi Ran (This Is Love/Fox & Cotton Candy) 
Mrs. Hwangsan (46-51):  Song Ok Sook (Glass Slippers/Winter Ballad)
Duk-jae's grandfather (80): __
Ye-eun (Soon-sil's daughter, 2):  __
Choon-shim (kisaeng, 26):  __
Soon-young (child):  ___ (Glass Slippers)
Soon-sil (child):  Lee Se Young (Gift)
Duk-jae (child): ___
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.  The character's age (and changes in age) are shown in the parentheses.
Learn Korean:
bueokdeki (bu-eok-de-ki) = kitchen maid
Chuseok (Chu-seok) = Korean Thanksgiving Day 

Other variations of drama name:

Writer:  Ji Sang Hak/Kim Jin Soo 
Producer:  Kang Byung Moon  

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Soon-sil (left) and Soon-young