My Name is Kim Sam-soon
Nae Ireumeun Kim Sam-soon
MBC Wed/Thurs miniseries (2005) - 16 episodes total
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Aired on MBC in Korea:  June 1, 2005 - July 21, 2005 on Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:55 (replaced Super Rookie).
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  July 27, 2005 - Sept. 15, 2005 Wednesday & Thursday nights at 7:50; replayed the next afternoon at 3:00 (replaced Super Rookies).


Kim Sam-soon (29): 
Kim Sun Ah (Golden Era)
Park Bong-sook (Sam-soon's mom, 53):  Kim Ja Ok (On the Prairie/This Is Love)
Kim Yi-young (Sam-soon's sister, 31):  Lee Ah Hyun (Her House)
Hyun Jin-heon (27):  Hyun Bin (Ireland)
President Na Hyun-sook (Jin-heon's mom, 50):  Na Moon Hee (Mothers & Sisters)
Hyun Mi-joo (Jin-heon's niece, 7):  Suh Ji Hee (Smile on a Spring Day)
Yoon Hyun-sook (Pres. Na's assistant, 40):  Yoon Ye Hee
Yoo Hee-jin (Jin-heon's former girlfriend, 27):  Jung Ryeo Won (Hello Francesca)
Dr. Henry Kim (Korean-American, 30):  Daniel Henney
Min Hyun-woo (Sam-soon's former boyfriend, 30-33):  Lee Kyu Han
Jang Chae-ri (Sam-soon's friend, 26):  Lee Yoon Mi
Ms. Oh (restaurant manager, 60):  Yeo Woon Kye (Who's My Love/Dae Jang-geum)
Hyun-moo (chef, 30):  Kwon Hae Hyo (Winter Ballad/To Be With You)
Lee In-hye (Sam-soon's asst., 22):  Han Yeo Woon
Jang Young-ja (captain, 27):  Kim Hyun Jung
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(in Korean) or (in English) (warning:  may contain spoilers).

Factoid: Daniel Henney is a Korean-American actor/model in real life.  His mother is Korean.

Read about the popularity of this drama in a 6/24/05 Chosun Ilbo article by clicking here.  Read about this drama starting a Sam-soon Syndrome" in a 7/4/05 Chosun Ilbo article by clicking here and a 7/17/05 KOCCA article by clicking here.

This drama has made Daniel Henney a Korean celebrity.  Read about him in a 6/30/05 Chosun Ilbo article by
clicking here.  Daniel's character speaks English in this drama.  Read about the increasing use of English in dramas in a 7/11/05 Korea Times article by clicking here.

Kim Sam-soon refers to "Momo" in the drama.  Momo is a childen's book by German author Michael Ende.  Read about the popularity of Momo in Korea in a 8/24/05 Chosun Ilbo article at:
.  Momo has also gotten very good reviews at (click on link below).
Shopping: For info on the DVD (region-1 with English subtitles) for this drama, click here. For a preview by YA Entertainment of the DVD, click here.  For info about the original OST, click here. For info about the OST Vol. 2, click here.   For info about collectibles from this drama, click here.  Orders submitted using these specially-coded YesAsia links will benefit the KoreanWiz website at no additional cost to you. 

Learn Korean
nae = my
ireum (i-reum) = name
Kim Sam-soon = name of main character in this drama

Variations of drama name:

My Name is Kim Sam-soon (literal meaning of title)
My Lovely Sam Soon (title used by YesAsia and KBFD-TV)

Screenwriter:   Kim Do Woo
Producer:  Kim Yoon Chul

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For a 9/1/05 KOCCA article about Clazziquai, the Canadian-Korean trio that sang the title song for this drama,
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Jin-heon (left) and Sam-soon
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