Her House
Geu Yuh Jah Neh Jib
MBC Weekend drama (2001) - 50 episodes
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Aired in Korea: Apr 28, 2001- Oct 21, 2001
Aired on KBFD-TV:   6/22/01- 12/8/01
Friday and Saturday nights 8:00-9:00
(Replaced Mothers & Sisters)

Jang Tae-ju:  Cha In Pyo (Kwang-chul in The
Golden Era)
Kim Young-wook:  Kim Nam Ju (Model)
Young-chae:  Kim Hyun Ju (Glass Shoes)
Lee Joon-hee:  Lee Suh Jin (Since We Met)
Jang Tae-hee:  Hu Young Ran
Kim Heung-nam: Yoon Tae Young
___ Chae-yeon:  Jang Suh Hee
Kim Dae-___ (Young-wook's father):  Park
Geun Hyung (Woo-hyuk's father in Stock
Lee __ (Young-wook's mother):  Lee Hyo Chun
(Winter Ballad)
Park Tae-hwan (Young-chae's father):  Hyun
Seok (Sun's father in Snowflakes
Kim Dong-sook
(Young-chae's mother):  Park
Won Sook (Jungsook from Tender Hearts)
Tae-ju's father:  Shim Yang Hong
__Young-soon (Tae-ju's mother):  Kim Hae Sook
(Eun-suh's birth mother in Autumn Story)
Tae-ju's grandmother:  Kim Young Ok (Love
Letter/Since We Met)
Young-wook's grandmother:  Kim Bok Hee
(Glass Slipper)
Kim Dae-woong (Yoong-wook's unmarried
uncle):  Park Sang Myun (Shoot for the Stars)
Jung Mi-so:  Lee Ah Hyun (Secret/Should My
Tears Show)
Jang Tae-sook (Tae-ju's older sister): Yoon Yoo
Sun (Love Letter)
Tae-sook's husband:  Kim Se Joon (Chinese
master chef in Delicious Proposal)
Nam Hyuk (Young-wook's co-worker):  Lim Ho
Sam-dol:  puppy
Lee Ja-rham (Mi-so's daughter): ___
Kim Young-hoon (Young-wook's brother):?
Lee Dong-chul (Joon-hee's grandfather): Jung
Wook (Pretty Lady)

This drama is about the unconventional love
between Tae-ju (a construction supervisor) and
Young-wook (a building renovator).  Tae-ju is a
traditional, elder son of a poor family.  
Young-wook is an independent, career-minded
woman from a rich family.  They love each
other, but marriage appears out of the question
due to their conflicting backgrounds and

Joon-hee (a repairman) and Heung-nam (a
mechanic) share a room that they rent from the
Jang family.  Young-chae (Young-wook's
spoiled cousin) falls hard for Joon-hee.  
Heung-nam searches for his love.

Young-wook's bachelor uncle, Dae-woong, is a
singing instructor who yearns to find happiness
at age 35.

Besides dealing with the love interests of the
younger people, this drama also explores
problems associated with having an elder family
member with dementia in the household.
Factoid:  Kim Nam Ju is very popular in Vietnam.

Other variations of drama name:
She's House

Producer:  Park Chong
Writer:  Kim Jung Su
Production:  Park Jong

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Actors Cha In Pyo and Kim Nam Ju
Tae-ju and Young-wook
(Young-wook's cousin)