Tropical Nights in December
12 Wolui Yeoldaeya
MBC Wed/Thurs miniseries (2004) - 17 episodes total
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Aired on MBC in Korea:  Oct. 27, 2004 - Dec. 23,
2004 on Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:55
(replaced Ireland).
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  
January 3, 2005 to February 28, 2005 Monday &
Tuesday nights at 7:50; replayed next afternoon at
3:00 (replaced Oh! Pil-seung and Bong Soon-young).

Oh Young-shim:  Eom Jung Hwa (Wife)
Park Jung-woo:  Kim Nam Jin (Prince's First Love)
Dr. Min Ji-hwan (Young-shim's husband):  Shin
Sung Woo
(Country Princess/Man in Crisis)
Song Ji-hye:  Choi Jung Won (All In)
Choi Kkeut-soon (Young-shim's mom):  Jung Hye
Sun (Who's My Love/More Than Love)
Kim Soo-mi (girl Young-shim meets on the bus to
her hometown):  ___
Park Tae-bok (Jung-woo's dad):  Jang Yong (Oh!
Pil-seung/This Is Love)
Park Myung-sook (Jung-woo's younger sister):  Suh
Young Hee
Han Soo-chang (Jung-woo's brother-in-law):  Won
Woong Jae
Eom Gi-tae (Jung-woo's friend):  Kim Sung Min
Na Ae-sook (Ji-hwan's mother):  Park Won Sook
(Miss Kim's Adventures in Making a Million/Pearl
Dr. Min Tae-joon (Ji-hwan's father):  Lee Soon Jae
(Sweet 18/Who's My Love)
Min Soo-hyun (Ji-hwan's younger sister):  Lee Hyun
Kyung (More Than Love)
Dr. Min Jae-hwan (Ji-hwan's younger brother):  
Choi Sung Min (Loneliness)
Lee Ga-heun (Ji-hwan's first love):  __
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Learn Korean:
12 wol = December
ui = in/of
yeoldaeya (yeol-dae-ya) = hot/sweltering tropical nights

Variations of drama name:
Tropical Nights in December (title used by KBFD-TV)
A Tropical Night in December (title used by YesAsia)
December Fever

Screenwriter:   Bae Woo Mi (Country
Producer:  Lee Tae Kon

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Young-shim (left) and Ji-hwan
Ji-hye (left) and Jung-woo
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