Here Comes Ajumma
Ajumma Ga Ganda
KBS daily morning drama (2006) - 162
episodes total
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Aired on KBS2 in Korea:  November 13, 2006
to May 19, 2007 Monday thru Saturday
mornings at 9:00.
Not shown on KBFD-TV in Hawaii.

Na O-nim:  YANG JUNG AH (Farewell to
Kim Jae-kwang: LEE SE CHANG (Lover)
Shim Woo-chang: LEE PIL MO (Golden
Age of Daughter-in-Law)
Go Geum-hwa: Yoo Hye Ri
Shin Soo-ja: Yang Hee Kyung (Super Rookies)
Na Kyung-hwan: Lee Jung Ho
Kim Si-rang: ___
Shim Tae-joon: Dokgo Young Jae (One
Million Roses)
Han Soo-yeon: Yang Geum Suk (Lover)
Min Hyo-joo: Kim Ji Yeon
Hong Yoo-ran: Lee Seo Yeon
Lee Joon-suk: Lee Byung Wook (Seoul 1945)
Ok Soo-jung: ___
Lee Do-kyung: Song Ji Eun
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Learn Korean:
ajumma (a-jum-ma) = married lady

Variations of drama name:
Here Comes Ajumma (title used by KBS

Screenwriter:   Moon Eun Ah & Kwon Do Hee
Director:  Kim Young Wook

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