Guardian Angel
Suho Cheonsa
SBS drama (2001) - 16 episodes
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Aired in Korea:  August 1, 2001- __  on SBS Wednesday &
Thursday nights.
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:   
2/27/02 - 4/18/02 on Wednesday and Thursday nights at
7:50-9:00  (replaced Daddy Fish).
Re-aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV as an encore
presentation:  January 7, 2005 - February 26, 2005 Friday &
Saturday nights at 9:25 (replaced Beautiful Days).

Jung Da-so:  Song Hae Gyo (Autumn Story)
Ha Tae-woong: Kim Min Jong (Secret)
Supervisor Hong Ji-soo:  Kim Min (Invitation)
Kang Sae-hyun:  Yoon Da Hoon (Dear Encounter)
Ha Duk-ho (Tae-woong's uncle):  Jang Hang Seon (Pretty
Lady/Golden Era)
Soon-dong (Tae-woong's friend): Kim Bo Sung (Propose)
Chairman Kang Doo-sik: Lee Sook Jae (Gift)
Jung Eo-jin (Da-so's daughter):  ___
Mr. Na (Da-so's co-worker):  Choi Jae Won (Goodbye My

Knowing the hardship of being an orphan, Da-so endures
the stigma of being an unwed mother in raising the child of a
deceased friend as her own so that the child will never
suffer from being an orphan.  Tae-woong, who was raised
by his uncle after his mother died, has never met his
father.   Through a twist of fate, Da-so meets Tae-woong,
Sae-hyun and Ji-soo, and sees both the best and worst in
human nature.

Miscellaneous Info:
If you are going to drive in Korea, be cautious since the
mentality of Korean drivers differ slightly from drivers in
Hawaii.  For example, here in Hawaii, if you turn on your
blinker to change lanes, the driver in the next lane frequently
(but not always) will allow you to cut in.  I've been told that
that is not the case in Korea.  If you want to change lanes in
Korea, you will never be able to change lanes just by turning
on your blinker.  Korean drivers do not like having to yield
so that another car can cut in front of them.  If you want to
change lanes in Korea, you must aggresively edge your way
into the next lane without hitting the other car or causing an
accident.  This "King of the Road" type of mentality
somewhat helps to explain why there was a deadly crash in
episode 1 of this drama.
Learn Korean:
suho (su-ho) = guardian
cheonsa (cheon-sa) = angel

Other variations of drama name:
Soo Ho Chun Sa

Writer:  Lee Hee Myung
Producer:  Kim Young Sup

Drama music is available on CD ("G
uardian Angel" OST).

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updated:  7/21/13
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The stars in this drama:
Kim Min Jong, Kim Min,
Song Hae Gyo and Yoon Da Hoon
Note:  Sorry for not having much information about this
drama.  SBS retained only a very abbreviated webpage for
this drama once it finished airing.
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Guardian Angel
Original Sound Track (O.S.T.)