The Great Queen Seon-deok
Seon-deok Yeowang
MBC Monday./Tuesday drama (2009) -62 episodes
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Aired on MBC in Korea: May 25, 2009 to Dec. 22, 2009
Saturday & Sunday nights at 9:55.
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii with English subtitles:  Nov. 16,
2009 to  Aug. 3, 2010 Monday & Tuesday nights at 9:25;
replayed next afternoon at 1:00 (replaced Lure of Wife).

Princess Cheon-myeong (King Jin-pyung's older daughter):
-as a young girl:  Shin Se Kyung
-as an adult:  
Park Ye Jin (Hearts in Bali)
Princess Deok-man (aka Queen Seon-deok) (King Jin-pyung's
2nd daughter)
-as a young girl:  Nam Ji Hyun
-as an adult:
Lee Yo Won (Cruel Love)
Mi-shil: Go Hyun Jung (Spring Days)
Kim Yoo-shin:
-as a young boy:  Lee Hyun Woo
-as an adult:
Eom Tae Woong (Resurrection)
King Jin-heung:  Lee Soon Jae (Who's My Love)
King Jin-ji: Im Ho (Dae Jang-geum)
King Jin-pyung:
-as a child:  Baek Jong Min & Kang San
-as an adult:  Jo Min Ki (Yellow Handkerchief)
Maya (King Jin-pyung's wife):
-as a young girl:  Park Soo Jin
-as an adult:  Yoon Yoo Sun (Love Letter)
So-hwa (Deok-man's foster mother):  Seo Young Hee
Eul-je: Shin Goo (Pure in Heart)
Kim Yong-soo (Jin-ji's son; husband of Cheon-myeong):  Park
Jung Chul (Blue Fish)
Kim Choon-choo (son of Yong-soo & Cheon-myeong):  Yoo
Seung Ho (Sad Love Story)
Kim Yong-choon (Jin-ji's son):  Do Yi Sung
Bi-dam:  Kim Nam Gil (Lover)
Se-jong (Mi-shil's husband):  Dokgo Young Jae (Purity)
Ha-jong (Se-jong & Mi-shil's son):  Kim Jung Hyun (Who's
My Love)
Seol-won (Mi-shil's lover):  Jun No Min (Family of Honor)
Bo-jong (Seol-won & Mi-shil's son):
-as a young man:  Kwak Jung Wook
-as an adult:  Baek Do Bin
Seo-ri: Song Ok Sook (Smile, Honey)
Mi-saeng: Jung Woong In (Last Scandal)
Kim Seo-hyun (Yoo-shin's dad):  Jung Sung Mo
Yoo-shin's mom:  Im Ye Jin (Palace)
Kim Moon-hee (Yoo-shin's sister):  ___
Moon-no: Jung Ho Bin (Good Day to Love)
Jook-bang: Lee Moon Sik (Damo)
Wol-ya: Joo Sang Wook
Si-yeol: Moon Ji Yoon
San-dak: Kang Sung Pil
Go-do:  Ryu Dam
Seol-ji: Jung Ho Geun (Trio)
Gok Sa-Heun: Jung Young Bin
Hyup-sung: Kim Dong Soo
Dae-poong: Park Young Seo
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Learn Korean:
Seon-deok = given name of queen
yeowang (yeo-wang) = queen

Variations of drama name:
The Great Queen Seon-deok (title used by MBC)

Screenwriters:  Kim Young Hyun & Park Sang Yeon
PDs:  Park Hong Kyoon & Kim Geun Hong

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