Glass Shoes
Yuri Kudu
SBS drama (2002) - 40 episodes
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Aired on SBS in Korea:  March 2, 2002- July 28, 2002
Saturday & Sunday nights 9:45-10:50
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  Nov.
6, 2002 - March 20, 2003 Wednesday & Thursday nights at
7:50 p.m.
Re-aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV as an encore
presentation:  March 4, 2005 - July 16, 2005 Friday and
Saturday nights at 9:25 p.m. (replaced Guardian Angel).

Kim Yun-hee/Lee Sun-woo:
-as a child:  Ha Seung Ni (Trap of Youth)
-as an adult:  
Kim Hyun Ju (Her House)
Kim Tae-hee:
-as a teen: __ (To Be With You)
-as an adult:  
Kim Ji Ho (More Than Love)
Jang Jae-hyuk
-as a teen:  Choi Woo Hyuk (Autum Story)
-as an adult:  
Han Jae Suk (Four Sisters)
Park Chul-woong:  So Ji Sup (Delicious Proposal)
Woo Seung-hee:
-as a child:  Park Eun Bin (Kitchen Maid)
-as an adult:  Kim Min Sun (Like Father, Unlike Son)
Park Yon-woong (Chul-woong's sister):  Kim Jung Hwa
Yun Suh-Joon (Yun-hee & Tae-hee's cousin):
-as a child:  Shin Tae Hoon (Stock Flower)
-as an adult:  Kim Chung Ryeol
Suh-joon's mom:  Kim Chung (Romance in Paris)
Kim Hyun-ho (Yun-hee and Tae-hee's dad):  Ha Jae Young
(Beautiful Days/Cool)
Chairman Kim (Hyun-ho's father):  Baek Il Sup (Fox &
Cotton Candy)
Mr. Park Kwi-joong (Chairman Kim's chauffeur):  Hyun
Suk (Romance/All AboutEve/Snowflakes)
Mr. Jin Sang-man (Chairman Kim's assistant): __
Oh Hwan-young (Jang-hyuk's assistant): Son Young Joon
(Love Letter/Her House)
Oh Kum-sun (Seung-hee's mom):  Song Ok Sook (Winter
Ballad/Kitchen Maid)
Mr. Hwang Kuk-do (Seung-hee's stepdad): Lee Hee Do
Lee In-soo (gangster leader)
-as a teenager:  __
-as an adult:  Lee Ki Young (Prince's First Love)
Mr. Can (gangster leader's assistant): Sung Dong Il
(Romance in Paris)  
Choi Min-young:  ___
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13447&menuId=10.  For more info on the cast (in English),
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This drama is about the hard life of Tae-hee and Yun-hee,
two sisters whose mother died while giving birth to
Yun-hee.  Their father, who loves them dearly, married their
mother without their paternal grandfather's consent.   
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Writer:  Kang Eun Kyung (Hotelier)
Producer:  Choi Yoon Suk  (Love & Ambition)

Learn Korean:
yuri (yu-ri) = glass
kudu (ku-du) = shoes

Other variations of drama name:
Glass Slippers (title used by KBFD-TV)

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Yun-hee (left) and Tae-hee (top),
with their father
Yun-hee (Kim Hyun Ju) and
Tae-hee (Kim Ji Ho) as adults
Official Sound Track (OST)
for this drama
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