Get Karl!  Oh Soo-jung
Kaljabi Oh Su-jeong
SBS drama (2007) - 16 episodes total
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Aired in Korea:  July 28, 2007 to Sept. 16, 2007 on
SBS Saturday and Sunday nights at 9:55 (replaced
Bad Couple).
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  
Sept. 21, 2007 to ___ Friday & Saturday nights at
7:45; replays next day at noon (replaced Air City).

Oh Soo-jung:
-as a teenager:  Park Soo Jin
-as an adult (34):  
Eom Jung Hwa (Tropical Nights
in December)
Go Man-soo:
-as a teenager:  Lee Gun Joo
-as an adult (aka Karl Go, 34):  
Oh Ji Ho (Couple or
Trouble/Second Proposal)
Jung Woo-tak (29):  Kang Sung Jin (One Fine Day)
Yook Dae-soon (27):  Park Da Ahn
Lee Young-ae (34):  Ahn Sun Young
Kim Pil-sook (33):  Yoo Hye Jung
Choi Soo-hyuk (Soo-jung's younger brother):  Ahn
Yong Joon (Jumong)
Na Hyang-mi (25):  Hwang Hyo Eun
Jung Suk-je:  Lee Hyun
Yoon Dong-kwan (attorney, 33):  Kim Dong Kyoon
(Love & Hate)
Oh Byung-jik (Soo-jung's dad, 60);  Kim Gap Soo
(Emperor of the Sea/Yeon Gae So Mun)
Shim Wol-do (Soo-jung's mom, 58):  Yoo Ji In
Seung-kyu (Karl's manager):  Sung Dong Il
(Glass Slipper)
Chang-ki:  Yoo Jung Woo
Min-soo's dad:  Suh Hee Seung
Min-soo's mom:  Han Bok Hee
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Screenwriter:  Park Hye Ryeon & Park Ji Eun
P.D.:  Park Hyung Ki (Princess Lulu)
Asst. P.D.:  Jin Hyuk (Blue Fish) & Kwon Hyuk Chan
(Smile Again/Please Come Back, Soon-ae)

Learn Korean:
Kal = Karl (loan word)
jabi (jab-i) = to get/catch
Oh Soo-jung = name of female character (also can be
spelled Oh Su-jung and Oh Su-jeong)

Variations of drama name:
Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung (title used by YesAsia)
Karl & Su-jung (title used by KBFD-TV)
Oh Su-jung vs. Karl (title used by SBS Global)

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Man-soo (left) & Soo-jung
in their younger days
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Karl (top) & Soo-jung (bottom)