Catching Up with Gangnam Moms
Gangnam Eomma Ddarajamgi
SBS drama (2007) - 18 episodes total
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Aired in Korea:  June 25, 2007 to Aug
21,2007  on SBS Monday and Tuesday
nights at 9:55 p.m. (replaced Husband's
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in
Hawaii:  August 20, 2007 to Oct. 16, 2007
on Monday & Tuesday nights at 7:45;
replayed next afternoon at 3:00 (replaced
Thank You.)

Hyun Min-joo (39):  HA HEE RA (My
Love Toram/To Be With You)
Choi Jin-woo (Min-joo's son, 16):  Maeng
Se Chang (Older Sister/Gift)
Suh Sang-won (34):  YOO JOON SANG
(The Marrying Type/Fox & Cotton
Candy/Beautiful Life)
Lee Mi-kyung (39):  JUNG SUN
KYUNG (Confession/More than Words
Can Say)
Do Sang-sik (Mi-kyung's husband, 42):  
Kim Il Woo (Farewell to Tears/Second
Do Joon-Ong (Mi-kyung's son, 16):  Lee
Min Ho
Han Soo-jin (26):  KIM SUNG EUN
(Thank You/Bizarre Bunch)
Yoon Soo-mi (39):  IM SUNG MIN
Lee Joon-ho (Soo-mi's husband, 42):  Sun
Woo Jae Duk (Green Rose/One Million
Lee Ji-yeon (Soo-mi's daughter, 16):  Park
Eun Bin (Seoul 1945/Glass Slipper)
Lee Chang-hoon (Soo-mi's son, 17):  
Hak Joon (My Love Toram/Immortal Yi
Jang Young-ja (60):  Nam Yoon Jung
Choi Il-young (45):  Choi Soo Rin
Choi Yi-young (37):  Kim Mi Ra
Na Eun-mi (school principal):  Jang Jung
Lee Tae-goo (38):  
Jung Eun Pyo (Tender
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Screenwriter:  Kim Hyun Hee
P.D.:  Hong Chang Wook

Learn Korean:
Gangnam (Gang-nam) = a district in Seoul
eomma (eom-ma) = mom
ddarajamgi (dda-ra-jam-gi) = overtake/catch
up with/gain over

Variations of drama name:
Catching Up with Gangnam Moms (tentative
Catching Up with Moms in Gangnam (title
used by Dong-A Ilbo)
Catching up with Rich Mom (title used by
SBS Global)
Kangnam Mom (title used by KBFD-TV)

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From left:  Soo-jin, Mi-kyung, Min-joo
& Sang-won
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