Forever Yours
Sae Sang Ggeut Gga Ji
MBC Miniseries drama (1998)- 16 episodes
Aired in Korea:  4/6/98 - 5/26/98
Replay aired on KBFD-TV with English subtitles:
6/30/01-10/13/01 Saturday nights 9:25-10:15 (replaced

Han Suh-hee:  Kim Hee Sun (Wedding Dress)
Yi Sae-joon:  Ryu Siwon (Jun-ho in Secret)
Jang Min-hyuk: Kim Ho Jin (Donguk in Tender Hearts)
Choi Jae-suk:  Yi Jong Soo (mechanic in Love)
Hwang Ji-young:  Kim Sun Ah (Ju-young in The Golden
Jang Yuri (Min-hyuk's sister):  Kang Sung Yun
__:  Kim Yoo Ri
Sae-hoon's mother:  Jung Young Sook
Dr. Hwang (Ji-young's father):  Song Jae Ho
__:  Kim Hyung Ja
__:  Yoon Yoo Sun
__:  Um Yoo Shin (?)
__:  Kim Lim Tae
__:  Kim Min Jung
__:  Cha Kwang Soo
__:  Heung Min Woo
__:  Park Young Ji
__:  Heung Sung Sun
__:  Kim Soo Hyun
__:  Moon Yae Eun

Suh-hee is left by her mother at an orphanage as a small
child.  She grows up at the orphanage and becomes close
to  Sae-joon, the son of the orphanage's director.  The
Director objects to her son dating Suh-hee and kicks
Suh-hee out of the orphanage shortly before she graduates
from high school.  Suh-hee must survive on her own in
the outside world.  Sae-joon continues to love Suh-hee
despite his mother's objections.

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Variations of drama name:
Forever Yours (title used by KBFD-TV)
Till the End of the World
To the End of the World (title used by YesAsia)
Se Sing Kkeut Kka Ji

Writer:  Sung Yoo Kyung
Production:  Kim Sa Hyun

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