Fashion 70s
Paesyeon 70s
SBS Mon/Tues drama (2005) - 28 episodes
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Aired in Korea:  May 23, 2005 - Aug. 29,
2005 on SBS Monday & Tuesday nights at
9:55 (replaced Bad Wife).
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in
Hawaii:  July 11, 2005 - Oct. 11, 2005
Monday & Tuesday nights at 7:50; replays
next afternoon at 3:00 (replaced Wonderful

Han Duh-mi (real name:  Ko Joon-hee):
--as a child:  __
--as an adult:  
Lee Yo Won (Blue Mist)
Ko Joon-hee (real name:  Kang-hee):
--as a child:  __
--as adult:   
Kim Min Jung (Ireland)
Kim Dong-young:
--as a child:  
Kim Young Chan (Romance in
Paris/Tell Me You Love Me)
--as an adult:  Joo Jin Mo
Chang Bin:
--as a child:  __
--as an adult:
Chun Jung Myung
Joon-hee's dad:  Jun In Taek (Hotel/Dae
Joon-hee's mom:  Lee Mi Young (Sad Love
Story/Yellow Handkerchief)
Lee Yang-ja (Kang-hee's mom):  Song Ok
Sook (Glass Slippers/Winter Ballad)
General Kim (Dong-young's dad):  __
Sargent:  Lee Han Hwi (Autumn Story)
Chang Bong-sil (Bin's mom/fashion
designer):  Lee Hye Young (I'm Sorry, I
Love You)
Bang Yook (Mrs. Chang's driver):  __
__ Yang-geun: Sung Dong Il (Romance in
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Factoid: This is Lee Yo Won's first drama
after a 2 year absence from acting.  Read
about what she was doing in the past and her
interest in this drama in a 5/12/05 Dong-A
Ilbo article at:

Read about the increasing use of English in
dramas in a 7/11/05 Korea Times article by
clicking here.
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Screenwriter:  Jung Sung Hee
Producer:  Lee Jae Kyu (Damo/Kukhee/
Housewife's Rebellion)

Learn Korean:
paesyeon (pae-syeon) = fashion (loanword)

Variations of drama name:
Fashion 70s (English title used by SBS)
Fashion 70's (title used by KBFD-TV)

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Bin (left), Joon-hee,
Duh-mi & Dong-young
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