Emperor of the Sea
KBS Wed/Thurs drama (2004) - 51 episodes
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www.kbs.co.kr/drama/jangbogo/index.html/ (in Korean).
Aired on KBS2 in Korea:  November 24, 2004 to May 25,
2005 Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:50 (replaced
Second Proposal).
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  
March 4, 2005 -  August 26, 2005 Friday & Saturday
nights at 7:50; replayed the next day at noon (replaced
Second Proposal).

Jang Bogo, aka Goong-bok (Korean gladiator):
--as a teen:  Bae Sung Hyun (Stairway to Heaven/Damo)
--as an adult:  
Choi Soo Jung (On the Prairie)
Madam Jami:  Chae Si Ra (Conditions of Love)
Yeom Moon:
--as a teen:  Hong Hyun Ki
--as an adult:  
Song Il Kook (Conditions of
--as a teen:  Lee Yeon Hee (My Precious Child)
--as an adult:  
Soo Ae (Lover Letter)
Jung Yon (Goong-bok's buddy):
--as a teen: Ahn Jae Hong
--as an adult:  
Kim Heung Soo (More Beautiful Than a
Choi Moo-chang (blacksmith slave):  Lee Won Jong
Sul Pyong (merchant):  Park Young Gyu (Damo/Paper
Yi Do-hyung (merchant):  Kim Gap Soo (Age of Warriors)
Jo Jang-gil (wine merchant):  Lee Jae Yong (Jumong/
5th Republic)
Lady Chae-ryung (Sul Pyong's daughter):  Chae Jung Ahn
(On the Prairie)
Yi Soon-jong (Goong-bok & Yon's childhood friend):
--as a teen:  Huh In Bum
--as an adult:  Jo Dal Hwan
Chang-kyum (Jung-hwa's brother):  Jung Sung Hwan
Yi Mak-bong: (Soon-jong's dad):  Lee Hee Do (Glass
Joong-dal (Goong-bok's enemy): Kang Sung Pil
Jang Dae-chi (one of Master Yi's chiefs): Jung Ho Geun
Neung-chang (Madam Jami's right hand man): Park Jung
Tae-bong (Madam Jami's security officer with curled
bangs):  Kim Hyung Bum (Romance in Paris/Hearts in
--as a teen:  Lee Eun Hye
--as an adult:  Go Do Young
Jang Bogo's dad:  Park In Hwan (Tell Me You Love Me)
Ha-jin (Lady Chae-ryung's security escort):  Kim Ah
__ (Master Sul's chief):  Kim Hyo Won
Jang Sung-pil (security officer bribed by Madam Jami's
group):  Do Ki Suk
Pan-sool (one of Master Yi's men):  Go Myung Hwan
Kim Woo-jing (former regent):  Kil Yong Woo (Golden
Han Man-joong (Chinese merchant):  __
Moo-jin (Jung-hwa's bodyguard):  Suh Do Young
Kim Yang:  Bae Soo Bin (Jumong)
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Learn Korean*:
Haesin (hae-sin) = Sea God/Sea Spirit/Sea Divinity

*  Many thanks to fellow addict Tepyoung for the info.

Variations of drama name:
Emperor of the Sea (title used by KBFD-TV)
God of the Sea

Screenwriter:   Jung Jin Ok (Sangdo)/Hwang Joo Ha (Dae
Producer:   Kang Il Soo (Wang Guhn)/Kang Byung Taek

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Madam Jami and Jang Bogo
Soo Ae won a 2004 Best Actress Award on the Internet
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