Did We Really Love
Uriga Jeongmal Saranghaesseulkka
MBC miniseries (1999) - 44 episodes total
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Aired on MBC in Korea:  January 27, 1999 - June
25, 1999 on Wednesday & Thursday nights.
Aired with English subtitles on KBFD-TV in Hawaii:  

Kang Jae-ho (college student, 27): Bae Yong Joon
(Winter Ballad)
Lee Shin-young (teaching asst, 30):  Kim Hye Soo
Cho Hyun-soo (close family friend of Shin-young,
Yoon Son Ha (Snowflakes)
Song Kil-jin (Economics professor, 33):  Lee Jae
(To Be With You)
Jung Jin-sook (Jae-ho's aunt who raised him): Kim
Young Ae (Love Letter/More Than Love)
Lee Byung-kuk (Shin-young's dad): Joo Hyun (Love
Letter/Yellow Handkerchief)
Choi Hae-ja (Shin-young's mom): Yoon Yeo Jung
(One Million Roses/On the Praire)
Park Suk-koo (Jae-ho's best friend, 26): Park Sang
Min (Dear Encounter)
Kang Jae-young (Jae-ho's younger sister, 21): Lee
Na Young (Ireland)
Ko Mi-sun (Jae-young's neighbor who has a crush
on Suk-koo):
Kim Young Mi (Kitchen Maid)
Shin Shin-ja (Mi-sun's mom): Moon Na Moon
(Tender Hearts/Mothers & Sisters)
Suh Dal-kwon (Jin-sook's neighbor): Lee Kye In
Suh Hee-jin (Dal-kwon's young daughter): __
Jung In-sook (Dal-kwon's wife/Hee-jin's stepmom):
Yang Hee Kyung (On the Prairie/Love Letter)
__ Jang-ko (Jae-ho's business competitor): __
__ Kyoung-hee, aka "Miss Questions" (bargirl):
Kim Ga Yeon (Romance in Paris)
__ Min-chul (Jae-ho's friend): Yoon Yong Hyun
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Learn Korean:
uriga (u-ri-ga) = we
jeongmal (jeong-mal) = really
saranghaess (sa-rang-haess) = loved you
(past tense)

Variations of drama name:
Did We Really Love
True to Love

Screenwriter:  No Hee Kyung
Producer:  Park Jong

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Jae-ho (left) & Shin-young